Nvidia and Stanford University unveil prototype ultra-thin VR glasses

Would VR be more successful if bulky headsets became simple glasses? Nvidia and Stanford University may have solved the equation with the first prototype of ultra-thin VR glasses. The accessory weighs only 60 grams (compared to 400 to 800 grams for most VR headsets on the market), mainly thanks to the use of a new generation of Pancake lenses much thinner than traditional Fresnel lenses.

Nvidia VR headset

Ok, it’s still a prototype with an unconventional design, but within 5 years…

Operating on the principle of certain AR helmets/glasses, these glasses display 3D “holographic” and color images thanks to a complex device comprising a waveguide, a spatial light modulator and a geometric phase lens. This effective technology also has its constraints, in particular a still very limited FoV (field of vision) (only 22.8 degrees compared to 90 to 120 degrees on most current VR headsets). We bet that the next prototype will do much better on this point. As for the commercialization of such a product, it is not planned… for some time.

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