old versions are threatened by a terrible security flaw, download the update quickly!

WhatsApp teams have announced that they have fixed a critical security flaw in the latest version of the application. Problem, this vulnerability still threatens older versions of the instant messaging service. If you haven’t already, download the latest update quickly!

whatsapp flaw
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On September 23, 2022, WhatsApp teams announced that they had just fix a critical security flaw in the latest version of the application. Considered critically dangerous, this vulnerability allowed hackers to execute lines of code on their victims’ smartphones.

More specifically, it allowed a hacker to exploit a code error known as Integer Flow. Properly used, this flaw then gives the attacker complete freedom to install spyware, ransomware or any other virus on the victim’s device. For good reason, this flaw actually makes it possible to obtain full access to the entire OS of the targeted device.

In its latest security blog post, WhatsApp also discussed another vulnerability that allowed attackers to execute code after sending a malicious video file. This flaw received a severity rating of 7.8/10.

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WhatsApp invites you more than ever to download the latest update

Fortunately, these two vulnerabilities have therefore been corrected in the latest versions of the various WhatsApp applications. However, and as specified by the security engineers of the application, you are still at risk if your application is on a version older than:

  • WhatsApp for Android before version
  • WhatsApp Business for Android before version
  • WhatsApp for iOS before version
  • WhatsApp Business for iOS before version

Note that downloading the latest versions of WhatsApp not only protects you from such critical security vulnerabilities. This also allows you to take advantage of brand new features recently added by the company. For example, WhatsApp confirmed this Tuesday, September 27, 2022 the imminent arrival of video calls to more than 32 participants. To do this, users will be able to send call links to the different protagonists.

In addition, the modification of the messages sent has recently been in the test phase with a small panel of users. Good news for the community, which has been eagerly awaiting this feature for several years now.

Source: The Verge

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