On AliExpress, the price of OnePlus 9 has just shattered (-70%)

Are you looking for a high-end smartphone that excels at all levels? The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro benefit from unprecedented (and very generous) discounts on the AliExpress store. It’s the last day of Black Friday, so don’t miss it.

On this Sunday and the last day of Black Friday, AliExpress is still bouncing back with new offers. One of the most attractive – and most striking – of this operation will be that on the new OnePlus 9. Whether it is the standard version or the Pro version, both are experiencing an unprecedented drop in price. AliExpress is the only one to offer prices: they are the best on the market.

To discover these two offers, it’s here:

See the OnePlus 9

See the OnePlus 9 Pro

Whether you are looking for the OnePlus 9 or the 9 Pro, both smartphones come at a reduced price thanks to an exclusive code on AliExpress. Remember to add this code in the dedicated box when you. confirm your order. This is how you will be entitled to the most attractive price. We advise you to be as fast as possible because the code is not unique to OnePlus 9. They apply to all products, there is a risk that they will be out of stock.

To give you a simple example of how aggressive AliExpress is for Black Friday, just take a look at what Amazon has to offer. As a specialist in the operation, however, he is not able to align with the Asian merchant. The OnePlus 9 which is 399 euros at AliExpress is displayed at the same time at 569 euros on Amazon. The price difference speaks for itself, especially when you know that the products have the same warranty and the same delivery date.

The OnePlus 9 Pro, a model of excellence

The brand has thought of the OnePlus 9 Pro as a high-end smartphone intended for everyday use. It therefore meets all the essential points for the general public in this niche: good battery life, good photo offer, excellent power or even a quality screen. What it also respects is very good value for money even without discounts. With this AliExpress discount, it becomes excellent.

You should know that the OnePlus 9 Pro comes with a 6.7-inch OLED screen and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It also has the right to LTPO technology which reduces the power consumption of the panel. The smartphone offers a modern design and in the era of time with its thin black borders and its beautiful slightly curved screen. It runs on Android 11 and the OxygenOS overlay developed by the brand itself is in our opinion the best on the market.

On the photo part, the OnePlus 9 Pro integrates a quadruple photo module on the back and a camera on the front (selfies, video…). The photo module was produced in partnership with the specialist Hasselblad. It can count on a 48 Mpx wide-angle sensor, an ultra-wide-angle, a telephoto and a macro. With the photo expert, the brand sets the level with this high-end model.

In terms of autonomy, we find in this OnePlus 9 Pro two separate batteries for a total capacity of 4,500 mAh. This will allow the smartphone to easily last 2 days without needing to be recharged, a real comfort on a daily basis. In addition, it is entitled to the excellent Warp Charge 65T technology, which means that you recover all the autonomy in 35 minutes. This is one of the very big strengths of this model.

See the AliExpress offer

The last strong point of this OnePlus 9 Pro lies in the convincing performance. The brand called on Qualcomm with an excellent Snapdragon 888 processor which is as recent as it is premium. The user experience is successful, the transitions are perfectly smooth and you will be able to play all the mobile games without any latency.

AliExpress ends its Black Friday

The OnePlus 9 are smartphones that sell very well even at its base price. If you want to save money on a smartphone that will last without any problem, now is the time to take your chance. Indeed, AliExpress puts an end to all its offers this Sunday evening. In addition, BFAE60 codes can expire at any time when the stock is exhausted. The faster you secure it, the quicker you’ll be at peace.

The current shortage of semiconductors is also to be taken into account because it impacts the production of all smartphones in the world – including the OnePlus 9. Thus, it is becoming more and more complicated to find online or in stores. . This is likely to be the case until at least mid-2022, it is not known when manufacturers will be able to resume producing enough to meet strong demand.

One of the other points to take into account is that the OnePlus 9 comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty – just like with the official brand. This is additional security, although this model is known to be very robust. This adds to the great discount going on at AliExpress knowing you even get a second chance when needed.

If you were a bit quick to buy the OnePlus 9 during Black Friday and change your mind, that’s fine. All online merchants offer a legal withdrawal period in France: it is 20 days with AliExpress for smartphones. This gives you the option of making a return for a full refund, on condition that the phone is returned in perfect condition.

To see this offer on the OnePlus 9, it’s here:

See the OnePlus 9

See the OnePlus 9 Pro

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