On Amazon, Black Friday is even crazier Saturday (7 nuggets) 🔥

Against all odds, Black Friday on Amazon is starting again this Saturday. The trading platform has unveiled a new set of bargains. We tell you everything.

When there’s more, there’s more. For the start of this weekend, Amazon is continuing its Black Friday very aggressively. The first e-commerce company in France regaled us with new offers and new stock. Some references that were out of stock yesterday are back on Saturday. Our list with the must-see offers from all the biggest online merchants.

This year, Black Friday on Amazon will take several days. The e-commerce site tried a new approach by spreading the offers over several days to allow everyone to benefit from the operation. Indeed, not everyone is able to spend time on a Friday to find good deals on the net. The same is true of its rivals who are pursuing their offers.

In a tab dedicated to this Black Friday, Amazon lists its hundreds of thousands of good deals that are still available. While you can find the most popular deals on the first page, it’s hard to navigate among the deals on that page. It will therefore be better to type the product in the search bar to see if there is a reduction applied.

Unlike an AliExpress for example, Amazon is putting its cards on the table for Black Friday with just immediate discounts. There is therefore no seller coupon, no exclusive code or other. That said, it gives all the interest of an AliExpress which allows you to accumulate discounts on the same product. In the list above, you can see crazy prices for OnePlus 9 or Roborock thanks to this system.

Black Friday offers for this Saturday

Officially, Black Friday is held on the last Friday of the month. It is the Friday following Thanksgiving Thursday in the United States. It was in this country that the operation was born before coming to France for export ten years ago. Amazon exported the concept, but all local merchants adopted it. In France, the turnover in stores is moreover greater than on the net.

Apart from Amazon, Black Friday is visible on all major e-commerce sites in France. For example, Cdiscount offers exclusive packs on the Nintendo Switch, while Fnac displays unprecedented prices on OLED TVs from the Korean brand LG. Finally, AliExpress is not left out with discounts on all the most beautiful brands that come from Asia. He also has AirPods Pro at discounted prices.

In addition to all these general e-merchants, Black Friday also takes place on official websites of own brands. This is the case for example at Dyson where the discounts are generous on all cordless and bagless stick vacuum cleaners. There are only 3 models left out of the 6 in its range that still have stock. The others have been stormed in the past 48 hours.

The same goes for Samsung where the brand lowers prices directly. If for Black Friday, Amazon had some offers on the Galaxy S21, they have nothing to do with the aggressiveness that can be seen on the official store. If you are looking to save money, this can be pretty crazy. By accumulating discounts, bonuses and other benefits in kind, the latest Galaxy S21 can come close to zero euros.

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For those who still don’t have time this weekend, we’ve been covering Black Friday live on Amazon and the like throughout. You just have to bookmark this page and come back to it from time to time. We have made a main focus on the high-tech category. That said, the offers go well beyond this heading. For the more curious, it will therefore be necessary to go to the site all these actors.

Amazon grows throughout the weekend

This Black Friday will be a long-term exercise for Amazon. The merchant wants to take advantage of the enthusiasm of the French public to boost its sales volumes before the end of the year. Above all, this allows millions of French people to buy cheaper – including for their Christmas shopping. In this regard, the e-commerce site offers a right of withdrawal which goes beyond the holidays (January 31) and which makes it possible to return missed gifts.

Last year, Amazon was the only one on Black Friday to offer a right of return until after Christmas. This year, the second e-merchant in France, Cdiscount, is also offering it (until January 8, 2022). This allows you to give gifts even if it means returning them if they ultimately do not please the person who received them. This saves you from spending on products that will not be useful later.

On Amazon, Black Friday continues and the most beautiful brands are still available all Saturday: Netatmo, Apple or Garmin are among the thousands of names that are still at preferential rates. That said, many are also already unavailable. We had a nice offer on the Nintendo Switch console which has disappeared (but its rival Cdiscount has an attractive offer and still in stock). There was also the Bose headset and sound bar which were well priced.

Obviously, Black Friday is the most anticipated event of the year and the public is there. The stock therefore leaves at full speed. The quality of the offers is more attractive than in any operation of the year. The merchants recognize this and are all betting on this weekend to sell as much as possible at attractive prices.

To do Black Friday, this is where we find the offers:

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