On Black Friday, Boursorama offers you € 130: it’s free

Boursorama Banque offers you a bonus of 130 euros to open an account. The latter is free and without obligation. You have everything to gain from this Black Friday operation, we explain everything to you.

At the end of the year, Boursorama Banque is giving you one last chance to hit a jackpot for your registration. 130 euros bonus will be offered to you if you open an Ultim account. This is the default account for online banking. It is free, without income conditions and without commitment. You will need to enter the code BF130 in the subscription form.

To get your bonus, it’s here:

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With more than 3 million customers, Boursorama Banque is the leading online establishment in France. It is positioned as a reference with a free account and services similar to those of a traditional network bank. This exceptional bonus for Black Friday (November 26 to 29) should further boost the volume of new registrants. And with good reason.

Is the bonus of 130 euros easy to get?

The answer is yes. Boursorama is the most flexible online bank in terms of its welcome bonus. It is also still one of the few online banks to offer a welcome bonus to its customers. While Hello bank! and Monabanq have imposed onerous conditions to get a bonus (you have to become a regular customer overnight), Boursorama Banque allows you to go smoothly.

To get this bonus of 130 euros as part of Black Friday, Boursorama Banque asks you to open a free and unconditional account. You just have to be a resident in France and major. These are the only two conditions to take advantage of it (apart from the fact of not being in a situation of banking prohibition). Opening the account itself will only take a few minutes.

This bonus is divided into two parts which are only administrative formalities. 50 euros will be credited to you when you have activated your account. For this, it will be necessary to make a first payment of 300 euros. This money is not blocked, you can then withdraw it. Next, 80 euros will be paid to you when you have ordered your credit card from your customer area. Same principle, this procedure is free and not demanding.

In the end, you can therefore touch 130 euros for Black Friday, without constraint. For comparison, Monabanq requires you to be a regular customer to get a bonus (and their account is paid). Orange Bank, ING or BforBank do not offer any premium. Boursorama Banque is unbeatable on this point, as it is on many other points.

Current account

Conditions: No income condition – Welcome and Ultim cards

Annual fees: € 0 • Initial deposit: € 300

Check deposit: ✔ • Cash deposit: ✘

Bank card

Monthly cost of the card: 0 €

Euro zone withdrawals: Free • Euro zone payments: Free

Withdrawals in foreign currency: 1.69% • Payments in foreign currency: Free

Proposed cards

Mobile payment



Why take the Boursorama bank?

With more than 3 million customers in its network, Boursorama Banque is getting closer to historic retail banks. It wants to accelerate even further to reach 4.5 million customers in 2025. In the words of the Managing Director, it should logically get there well before that date. With bonuses like this one for Black Friday, the bank is securing a significant volume of new customers.

The latter are also winners at all points. Not only do they receive this bonus, but in addition they have access to a whole range of banking products as in their network bank. Current account, savings, stock market, loans, insurance, everything is available. And above all, everything is cheaper: if you use Boursorama Banque in a completely traditional way, it will be free. It is around 200 euros cheaper than any bank in France.

Finally, we will end with two essential points for an “online” bank: customer support and user experience. Customer service is available on extended hours which facilitates assistance to customers with regular office hours. Then, it is composed of experts on each product. When you have a specific question, you’re guaranteed to find an answer within minutes.

For this Black Friday, Boursorama Banque is very generous. It is in your best interest to open an account now to claim this bonus. You can always activate your account and start using it later. But that guarantees that you get the best premium ever for opening an account in online banking now. Please note, this special offer is already ending on Cyber ​​Monday Monday.

To see Boursorama’s special offer, it’s here:

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