On Black Friday, the Emma mattress sees its price plummet to -60%

For Black Friday, Emma mattresses are down sharply on the official site. The brand not only offers you up to 50% off its flagship products (Original and Hybrid), but it also gives you a period of 100 nights to test the product at home.

In a few years, the Emma mattress brand has become the benchmark for bedding in Europe. Its Original model was for the 2nd consecutive year the best-selling bed in France. On its own, it would represent no less than 7% of all mattress sales in France. If it is so successful, it is because of its irresistible value for money.

To boost volumes during Black Friday, Emma has decided to sharply lower the price of her two bestsellers. Whether it’s the Original or the Hybrid, you can save up to 50% on its entire product line. The code JDG10 allows you to add a further -10% discount on the initial discount displayed.

To see the offers on the official website, it’s here:

I take advantage of Emma offers

At Emma, ​​there are 2 types of mattresses. On the one hand, we have the historic memory foam mattress: the Emma Original. It is the one who made all the reputation of the brand. It is positioned as the perfect product for the average French budget. On the other hand, we have the hybrid version (composed of memory foam and pocket springs) which is even more upscale: the Emma Hybrid. The latter was formalized in April.

Emma mattresses, a guarantee of quality

In general, the general public waits for special operations like Black Friday to purchase new bedding. And they are right. Right now and until Friday night, Emma is pulverizing the prices of her two best sellers. The brand offers two very balanced beds that will appeal to a maximum of people. In all cases, clients then have 100 nights of trial to convince themselves of the product at home, in real conditions. Otherwise, the brand will take it back.

When deciding which of the two Emma mattress models to take, you have to consider comfort and budget. To start with the price, the two products fall into different categories. On the classic 140 × 200 cm format, the Original costs 394 euros instead of 499 (the code JDG10 removes another 10%, or 354 euros in the end). As for the Hybrid model, it is priced at 639 euros – 10% (with the code JDG10) = 575 euros instead of 1049 euros.

The two products do not play in the same price category, but they both offer excellent value for money. When it comes to sales, Emma says the two are pretty much the same. If you are looking for the ultimate in comfort, the Hybrid will be a dream. The Original mattress is also excellent and its price corresponds to the average budget that the French are willing to pay.

I take advantage of Emma offers

Why these Black Friday deals are exceptional ? By default, Emma beds are already sold 2 to 3 times cheaper than mattresses of the same standard in stores. The reason lies in the economic model of the German brand: it only sells its products through the Internet, so it saves on rents, salaries and logistics. The product is shipped from the factory to the end customer, resulting in savings at all levels. With Black Friday, the price taking into account the discount is unbeatable.

Which mattress to choose from its range?

Obviously, the budget will be an important constraint in the choice of Emma Original or Hybrid mattresses. However, both provide real comfort and the value for money is exceptional. Coming to the composition, the Original model is a 25 cm bed with memory foam. To avoid any feeling of heat, the manufacturer has designed an upper layer that allows the product to be ventilated as well as possible. The result is amazing – both in summer and in winter.

The Emma Hybrid mattress is made of the same memory foam but also of a layer of pocket springs. Far from being shoddy springs, they are each independently packaged to provide extreme comfort. It is today the ultimate of what we find on the market. The bed has also been recognized by the independent association UFC Que Choisir who named it “best mattress” for the year 2021.

100 days to convince

With more than 1.5 million mattresses sold per year, Emma has become the European leader in bedding. To position itself strongly against traditional players, the brand was forced to innovate. With a sales channel as unusual as the internet in the bedding sector, it shows an unbeatable promise: you have 100 nights to convince yourself of the product.

In fact, this means that you have your mattress delivered to your home, compressed in a cardboard box. You will open it and it will take its final shape in a few hours. Then you have 100 nights to test the mattress from all angles and validate your purchase. Otherwise, Emma will take the product back and reimburse you immediately. It’s an even more seductive promise than trying it for 30 seconds in store, on a blister pack.

To do Black Friday at Emma’s, it’s here:

I take advantage of Emma offers

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