On Black Friday, this antivirus for Mac suffers its worst price drop (-65%)

It has no equal in the market and yet this antivirus for Mac is sacrificed. For Black Friday, its publisher Intego has decided to boost its sales volumes with an offer that you are not ready to forget.

After the large generalist e-merchants, the wave of Black Friday has seized many software publishers. Between antiviruses and VPNs, you have plenty to save on this operation. But always keep in mind that security is the least central of an offer – and that it should always be kept in mind when subscribing to such a service.

Precisely, for Black Friday, the antivirus editor for Mac Intego offers you the perfect value for money. You have the best security suite for Mac and you have the best price. In detail, its Mac Premium Bundle X9 pack (antivirus, Mac cleaner, automatic cloud back-up and parental control) has seen its price drop to 29.99 euros instead of 84.99 euros per year.

Before this Black Friday, we had never seen such a low price.

I take advantage of the safety pack

On the Mac, Intego is known to be the white wolf of cybersecurity. Since 1997, the company has been publishing its antivirus which is the only one capable of detecting 100% of all malware in circulation. As part of this package, you also have an excellent Mac cleaner, which sells for over $ 30 per year from the competition. Considering the price, you take absolutely no risk: we invite you to take advantage of it quickly because it expires tomorrow.

A specialized antivirus for Macs

New in June 2021: Intego released a Windows version of its antivirus. That said, the company has capitalized for more than 20 years exclusively on an antivirus dedicated to Macs. By relying on a team of researchers and a perfect knowledge of macOS, it is able to protect machines like no other player in cybersecurity.

The more traditional players have all done the opposite, which is not necessarily ideal: they designed an antivirus for Windows before declining it on Mac. However, nothing is more effective than a native antivirus on macOS as is the case with Intego. To use it on a daily basis, it is a tool that can be forgotten and that runs in the background. It secures all incoming traffic to prevent virus infiltration.

Apple’s chief engineering officer, Craig Federighi, admitted last May that Macs have been far too vulnerable to viruses. The cliché that Apple computers are not the target of cyber attacks is strictly false. How much do you think it would cost to lose all your data on your computer (company files, personal photos and videos, etc.)? If it’s worth more than 30 euros per year, go for this Intego offer.

For those who have a very limited budget to buy their antivirus on Mac, Intego offers the software alone for 19.99 euros instead of 49.99 euros per year. In this specific case, you will therefore only have the antivirus with a firewall. But again, by adding 10 euros more over the year, you will have three other very recognized software that are included: you might as well do it. In the worst case, you can always cancel.

What is important to know with Intego is that it is a very serious player in the field of security. You can therefore calmly take this Black Friday offer (at a real broken price) without doubting your protection. When we talk about antivirus on Mac, we must be very vigilant about the quality and reliability of the players. This one is trustworthy, you can go there with no problem.

To see this Black Friday offer, it’s here:

I take advantage of the safety pack

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