On Google Photos, photo sharing is now easier

Google Photos has just rolled out an update to its Android app. It makes it easier to share a photo thanks to a more complete drop-down menu. This is a minor novelty, but it shows that Google is constantly trying to improve its service.

Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the flagship applications for storing photos. Complete, efficient, easy to use, it continues to improve over time. The new update focuses on sharing.

In version 5.96 of the application, the photo sharing drop-down menu is more complete. By selecting a snapshot in your library, a dedicated interface appears at the bottom of the screen, allowing easier access to certain features.

Google Photos improves its context menu

This menu shows several icons, to share the photo, place it in a new folder, delete it, put it in a locked folder… By scrolling it, we access other features, like a list of recent contacts, but also various albums already present in your app. It is also possible to see the location of the photo. This same location that you can change if you like.

The update seems deployed on a large scale. We ourselves have had it. But it seems that it is not yet available for everyone. If this is not the case for you, you just have to be patient, it should happen in the next few hours, at worst in the next few days.

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It’s not a major update, far from it. Most users probably won’t notice it. But she is symptomatic of the work done by Google on its application. The Mountain View company never publishes a big update, contenting itself with touch-ups here and there to improve the experience. The latest case is for example the possibility of deleting a photo directly from an album. A long requested feature. Other small changes occur regularly in the application.

As a reminder, Google Photos is the photo storage application installed by default on Android. It allows (against a subscription) to have unlimited storage of your snapshots in the cloud.

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