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On Mac, this antivirus is excellent and vital (and it is sold off at -60%)

Faced with an imminent threat coming from the internet, you have to protect your Mac with an antivirus. Imagine losing all your data at a moment T: how would you react? Better safe than losing everything, especially when the publisher Intego breaks prices.

Computer hacks have become commonplace in 2022. No one is safe: individuals, businesses and even governments. The hackers have understood this well and they derive gigantic revenues from these cyberattacks. There is therefore no reason for them not to stop, so we will have to be even more vigilant in the years to come.

If you’ve been spared this far, you’re in luck. On Mac or Windows, the probability of being hacked is high. At any time, a virus can paralyze your machine and delete all of your content. Personal memories, professional files, so many sensitive files that can be invaluable.

Right now, Intego offers an unbeatable argument for (finally) protecting itself. Known to be the best antivirus on Mac with more than 30 million installations, it is sold at a price of € 19.99 instead of € 49.99 per year. At less than 2 € per month, you can therefore sleep peacefully with software that runs in the background and that secures all your data.

I take advantage of the Intego antivirus

On average, it quickly takes between 40 and 60 € per year to have a good antivirus. Here, Intego is doing you a favor with a reduced price on an annual license for a computer. You can get even more than 60% off if you decide to take a longer term license or for multiple computers. There is a 30 day trial period, so you can test it risk-free.

The best security software on Mac

Obviously, it is in the United States that we find the origin of the cybersecurity specialist Intego. Founded in 1997, it chose to focus exclusively on Mac to develop its know-how. It is therefore the only antivirus editor that did not start with Windows. By focusing on macOS, it masters the operating system perfectly and it provides effective and real-time solutions.

When looking for an antivirus, you must first of all look at its level of effectiveness. And on this point, Intego excels. According to independent experts from the journal AV-Test, its antivirus is capable of detecting 100% of viruses on Macs. With a team of cybersecurity researchers active 24/7, it monitors its network of more than 30 million machines. At any time, it manages to detect the propagation of malicious scripts.

Of course, Apple users also appreciate the convenience of the company’s operating system. Intego knows this and that’s why it offers antivirus software that fits perfectly into this setting. It is discreet, intuitive and it runs in the background without hindering navigation. The image of Windows antivirus which bludgeons you with anxiety-inducing pop-ups is far behind, Intego has a much more discreet and efficient method.

For those who want, Intego also offers a pack that includes all the brand’s software. Dubbed the Mac Premium Bundle, it combines antivirus, Mac cleaner, a cloud backup tool and a parental control tool. This complete suite is sold for € 29.99 per year instead of € 84.99. It is an offer which is also very special and advantageous: we can only recommend it to you. Intego maintains the level of quality on each product, the value for money is really excellent.

To find out about Intego antivirus, it’s here:

I take advantage of the Intego antivirus

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