On mobiles, rediscover three cult retro games today!

SNK has just announced the arrival of several retro games released on NeoGeo, well known to early gamers.

As we now know, retrogaming is playing an increasingly important role in the gaming world. While ports and other emulations multiply, the Japanese company SNK is back today with a series of mobile games called ACA NeoGeo that takes you back to childhood. On Twitter, SNK formalizes the arrival of the first wave of games, which are already available for download on iOS and Android.

What exactly is the ACA NeoGeo series?

As stated on the SNK website, the ACA NeoGeo series is a compilation of ” Faithfully reproduced classic NEOGEO masterpieces, including combat, action, shooting and sports games – allowing players to relive the best of NEOGEO on modern platforms. So we are not dealing with a simple porting but a modern reproduction of the titles.

In fact, only three games are currently affected by this port on mobile and these are the titles Metal Slug 5, Alpha Mission II and Samurai Shodown IV. Released in 2003, 1991 and 1996 respectively on Neo-Geo MVS, these retro titles are just the first in a long list to be revived on mobile devices. After many years on arcade machines, this is not luxury. Of course some have surely known them on the Neo-Geo AES home console, also released in 1991.

A leap into the past

For those who do not know these licenses, Metal Slug 5 is an action shooting game in which you have to shoot your enemies in order to survive. There are four iconic playable characters to choose from, namely Marco, Eri, Tarma, or Fio. SNK reminds that, who says new version, says new mechanics. This is the case here with the introduction of the Slug Gunner and slides.

Alpha Mission II is also a shooting game, but which takes place in a very different universe. We are indeed leaving the Metal Slug jungle to settle in space. In this game you have to ” collect and upgrade armor bonuses and change them on the fly “. SNK also specifies that this opus adds ” a host of flashy new armor bonuses, while expanding on the tactical and exciting gameplay that the series is famous for “.

At last, Samurai Shodown IV is a fighting game in which “the warriors, with their own respective objectives, will challenge Amakusa who has come back to life and who plans to conquer the modern world”. In this new version, SNK introduces the Anger Gauge for more intense attacks and impressive consequences.

Pricing and availability

All of these titles are available on mobile platforms at a price of € 3.99 per unit. SNK has not yet announced when the other games in the ACA NeoGeo series will be available, but it should be soon.

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