On Netflix, the sequel to Knives Out gets a release date

Benoit Blanc resumes service on Netflix, between the turkey and the log. When is the Knives Out sequel coming out?

The release schedule is getting thicker on Netflix. As the start of the school year is fast approaching, the platform is adding many films to its schedule for the coming months. After Enola Holmes 2, it’s the turn of another sequel to find a release date. Good news, it will arrive at the foot of the tree.

Three years later At Knives Out, Benoît Blanc is back in service for the end-of-year celebrations. It is on December 23 that the platform gives us an appointment. The detective camped by Daniel Craig tackles a completely different case, which promises to have several layers of mystery. baptized Glass Onion (in reference to a song by the Beatles), the film directed by Rian Johnson will follow Benoît Blanc as he travels to Greece to try to solve an enigma involving a gallery of colorful suspects.

A cast that holds a layer

A bit like Hercule Poirot, Benoit Blanc will be the only character to make a comeback. In front of the director’s camera Star Wars : The Last Jedi it will be a bit of a parade of celebrities. For example, we will cross paths with Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy). It will not be the only actor in the cast to have made a detour on the side of Marvel. Kathryn Hahn, who made a strong impression in Wandavision and who will be entitled to her series on Disney+, will give the reply to Edward Norton (The Incredible Hulk).

Jessica Henwick (iron fist) and Ethan Hawke (Moon Knight) will also be on the trip. Finally, we can note the participation of Kate Hudson and Janelle Monàe. The latter should be at the epicenter of the plot, it is omnipresent on the promotional images.

A deadly getaway

Netflix took advantage of the formalization of the film’s release date to discuss director Rian Johnson’s approach in more depth. In 2020, during confinement, the filmmaker dreams of escape. He wants to make his film an invitation to travel… embellished with a killer plot. When Miles Bron a billionaire invites relatives for a stay on his Greek island, it soon becomes clear that his refuge is not paradise. A murder is committed, who else but Benoît Blanc to unravel the case?

Johnson explains that he has changed his approach a little for this new part, this time, it will be a question of bringing all the attention of the spectator to Benoît Blanc. “The structure of the first opus made Martha, the character of Ana de Armas, the protagonist. Benoît was perceived as a threat, almost an enemy from the point of view of the plot, because we were afraid that he would unmask Marta. In the first film, Blanc stayed outside our protagonist’s circle. In the second film, Benoit Blanc is asked to solve the murder on an island, and this time the audience will discover the characters and enter the world from his point of view.

So see you on next December 23 to discover this new chapter. If the first film had made its debut on the big screen, it is only on Netflix that the second part will be broadcast.

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