On Netflix, this game will make you completely hammer

With Pilfer, Netflix offers its subscribers an adventure in which they are the hero, in the tradition of Bandersnatch or You vs Wild.

“Take your fingers off your nose and grab your remote”. This is how Netflix introduces its new interactive series. The platform has just launched Cat Burglar, a cartoon in which you are the hero. The program follows the adventures of a cat who wants to steal precious paintings from the nose and beard of the museum guard. Despite its resemblance to the Looney Tunes universe, the content has been designed for users over 13 years old.

As the plot unfolds, you will be asked questions. Your answers will determine the success of your mission. Be careful, they have nothing to do with the plot and a single mistake will irreparably lead to the death of the character. Contrary to legend, the Pilferer only has three lives. So you have almost no room for error.

From the creator of Bandersnatch

This is not the first time that Netflix has made an incursion into interactive content. His biggest success of the genre remains Bandersnatchspin-off episode of black-mirror. Moreover, Netflix has once again recruited Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones to carry out this new project. Together, they worked on six different conclusions, just to offer some replayability to users who enjoyed the journey. Note that the entire game will only take you 12 minutes, so you will have the opportunity to start over several times.

Even more content of the genre in the future

To impose itself more durably against the competition, Netflix invests massively in the creation of games. If for the time being the offer is rather sketchy, things should change in the coming years. The platform is also convinced that interactive content of this kind can attract new customers into its nets, it does not intend to stop there. The goal for Netflix is ​​quite clear: to introduce its subscribers to the video game universe, and particularly the titles that are already available on its application.

The Vice-President of the comedy and interactive section, Andy Weils explains to The Verge that this strategy is at the heart of the concerns of the firm. “You can’t do this on any other platform because we’re a tech company, it’s been in Netflix’s DNA from the start. The idea that you can interact with content is something that we explore in all genres, all types of things”.

The streaming giant notably announced that other interactive content should land in the coming months, without specifying what it was. We must therefore keep an eye open.

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