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On Twitch, this RPG dethrones Fortnite, League of Legends and GTA 5!

Lost Ark achieves the unthinkable by doubling down on iconic franchises on Twitch, the gamers’ favorite livestreaming platform.

Released a few weeks ago, this RPG continues to see its popularity skyrocket. No, it’s not Elden Ring, which benefits from excellent visibility, but Lost Ark, the Korean MMORPG recently available in the West thanks to the port from Amazon Games. After becoming the second most played game on Steam, beating CS:GO and Dota 2the title attacks other iconic franchises.

This time, it’s happening on Twitch, the reference platform for live broadcasts, especially in connection with gaming. For the month of February, the numbers for the game are nothing short of impressive. In terms of viewing hours, the game dethroned everyone and took first place, just behind the general category Just Chatting.

Put simply, this means the MMO has done better than the Unbeatables Fortnite, League of Legends and even GTA V. All pillars of this industry that it is very difficult to overcome, even with a very good game, especially because they are among the games most highlighted by the professional scene. Congratulations to the Smilegate teams who have achieved the unthinkable.

Half-hearted success

As a reminder, Twitch is a rather lucrative platform that belongs… to Amazon. As you will have understood, the firm had every interest in promoting the game in every way possible. That’s why she organized a clever launch campaign, which finally paid off. Indeed, throughout the month of February, players could earn drops for each 4-hour viewing session related to Lost Ark.

Obviously, the gifts put forward by Amazon were substantial and attracted a lot of players to watch the famous broadcasts of the game. This also prompted the creators to stream on them knowing that they would attract many players. But this operation was time-limited, and the numbers should fall back a bit… or not, only time will tell.

During the month of March, new content should also be added to Lost Ark which should also revive the interest of players for the title of Smilegate. Note that not everything was rosy for the game, which received a huge wave of negative comments following server issues or even bugs launching the title.

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