On Waze, the police have an infallible technique to slow down motorists

British Surrey County Police have come up with the perfect idea to force motorists to slow down.

The British police budget is not looking good, but law enforcement officers are imaginatively trying to encourage motorists to slow down. To deal with reports of traffic stops on the Waze application, Surrey County law enforcement decided to work around the problem, by using driver habits to their advantage. For several weeks already, report our colleagues from Phonandroid citing tweets posted by the local administration, the police themselves report fake police checks on county roads.

“We absolutely never put random police markers on Waze for our patrols, no — never. An easy way to slow down drivers on our roads. Thank you Waze“.

The humor is British, but the ghost operation imagined by the Surrey police raises several very real problems: motorists are driving too fast. By placing false checks in strategic places particularly prone to accidents, the police hope reduce the speed of residentsand perhaps reduce the number of deaths on the roads.

The simplest would probably have been to assign more police officers to roadside checks. But the crisis is not escaping anyone, Surrey agents remind on Twitter: “We are not responsible for the drastic budget cuts in recent years that have decimated police forces dedicated to road safety“. By cunning with false road checks, the police are mainly trying to compensate for the lack of subsidies allocated to them.

Remember also that Waze is a participatory platform. It is enough for a few drivers to deny the presence of a traffic control for the latter to disappear. On average, the police estimate between 10 and 20 minutes the lifespan of their road schemes. Not enough to convince motorists to stay on the sidelines for very long.

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