On WhatsApp, what does the "Your security number has changed" notification mean?

On WhatsApp, what does the “Your security number has changed” notification mean?

The security notification “Your security number with XXX has changed.” Tap to learn more. »Spills a lot of ink on social networks. We give you some information to understand what it is for (and why you should not worry too much).

On WhatsApp, what does the

Many of you have received a message “Your security number with XXX has changed. Tap to learn more. “ in your WhatsApp conversations in recent days.



What does this security notice mean?

If you received this message, don’t panic. The security code that encrypts messages and calls between two devices is assigned by Whatsapp and cannot be changed.

However, if one of your friends changes their phone or reinstalls Whatsapp, the app assigns a new security code in order to secure the conversations. This is why WhatsApp warns of this change, in the event that one of your friends is the target of an identity thief.

On WhatsApp, what does the

If you are afraid of these notifications, you can turn them off in Settings> Accounts> Security. This is also where you can activate the Two-step verification, but also change your PIN.

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