OnePlus, Samsung, Apple… The UFC unveils the ranking of the most reliable brands

OnePlus, Samsung, Apple… The UFC unveils the ranking of the most reliable brands

A prize list that has some surprises in store.

UFC Que Choose recently unveiled its ranking of the most reliable high-tech brands. A survey carried out among 43,000 European consumers, and which has some surprises in store, particularly with regard to smartphones.

For this survey, the UFC Que Choisir calculated an index (out of 100) for each brand, taking into account several reliability factors, such as the number of product failures, their severity and their recurrence.

Smartphones: OnePlus big winner

“OnePlus surprised us on several occasions, during our laboratory tests, with models offering good value for money” – Vincent Erpelding – UFC-Que Choisir

In the ultra-competitive smartphone market (18 brands tested), the consumer association crowns a top three, to say the least, astonishing. Indeed, it is the giant OnePlus which takes first place, with a reliability index of 94.8 / 100. A score closely followed by Lenovo (94.1), and Microsoft (92.7). Regarding Samsung and Apple, “More affected than average regarding speaker, camera, GPS and memory card reader failures”, the Korean giant reached seventh place with a score of 92, while the apple brand is in eleventh position (91.3).

Televisions: Panasonic and Sony in the lead

While smartphones did quite well in terms of reliability, televisions did not. Only half of the ten brands studied are deemed reliable by the UFC Que Choose. At the top of the table, Panasonic (92.5) Sony (92.5) and Samsung (90.6). Far behind, we find the brands Philips, Thomson, Sharp, or Grundig.

Laptops and tablets: Microsoft, Samsung and Apple win

As for laptops, it is, unsurprisingly, Microsoft (93) and Apple (91.3) which culminate in the lead, followed by a short head by MSI (94), a Taiwanese brand specializing in gaming PCs. On the other hand regarding tablets, Apple and its iPads obtained the highest score of 93.8, thus ranking ahead of LG (93.7) and Samsung (92.6).

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