Online gamers are threatened by massive cyber attacks

If cyberattacks have hitherto been concentrated on large firms, the community of online video game players is no longer spared. Indeed, a Norton special report released a few days ago revealed that one in two players has already been the victim of a cyberattack. The surveys were conducted among 5,723 players around the world.

the Norton report 2021 , titled Cyber ​​Safety Insights Report: Special Release – Gaming & Cybercrime was designed in collaboration with The Harris Poll. It gives intriguing details and “Shocking” on the origin of cyber attacks. Players surveyed in eight countries said they had suffered huge financial losses due to cyber attacks.

This study also highlights the compromises made by players and alert on the social consequences of games.

Players ready to do anything to win

The world of online games is like a jungle where everything is possible to survive. The attacks mainly occur between players. Whether casual or unconditional, players are ready to hack their opponents’ accounts to gain the advantage through pirate software.

Hackers regularly exploit this propensity of players to phish them. They dangle malicious programs to download, software to boost players or secret dummy codes. This is how players get tricked by losing money, with their personal data. In addition, many players adopt computer security habits that make them vulnerable.

“These results are shocking, but there are players who will do anything to win. I have learned that when playing online it is very important to pay attention to who you are friends with online and what information you share. While this is especially true for professional gamers who have a public profile, it is clear that this holds true for all online gamers. “

BigCheeseKIT, player and streamer on Twitch

Players who lose their sociability

The document also recounted a certain loss of social attitudes among a large number of players. There are those who no longer express enthusiasm for activities related to community life.

A good part of gamers say they prefer spending time playing rather than attending a friend’s birthday party or a family member, for example. Rather than going on a date or being in the company of friends or family, many prefer to stay fixed in front of their screens.

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