Opening of the largest immersive Escape Game in Paris at the end of 2022

Fans of the DC universe, get ready to be able to immerse yourself in the universe of Batman, in the heart of Paris, from the end of next year.

Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment, DC and Dama Dreams announced this morning the arrival in France of the very first immersive Batman Gotham City Adventures experience, inspired by the universe of the dark knight.

It will open its doors at the end of 2022, in a permanent location of 3,000 m2 in the heart of Paris in a new space dedicated to entertainment replacing the current stores of the Vill’Up shopping center.

For an entrance ticket of 35 euros per person, visitors will enter the neo-Gothic universe of Batman, that is, Gotham City with its Gothic skyscrapers, its dark alleys, its projections of bat figures in the dark night.

Dama Dreams once again pushes the limits of immersive experiences by making it possible to become the actors of his own adventure. You will be able to help Batman fight crime by interacting with many characters, solving various puzzles, and being immersed with the help of video projections and sets in the universe of the film.

David Harrari and Emmanuel Teboul, the founders of Dama Dreams are not at their first attempt, it is to them that we already owe the immersive Escape Game of the office of legends already mixing the mechanics of Escape Game and immersive theater.

If the ticket office is not yet open, it is still possible to subscribe to the newsletter so as not to lose a minute during the launch of registrations, scheduled for the year 2022.

2022 will definitely be the BATMAN year, with the release of the last opus with Robert Pattinson, and the hero’s appearances in the movie The Flash.

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