Opera launches a browser capable of automatically mining cryptos

Opera launches its cryptocurrency web browser. This “crypto browser” is available in early access for Android, Windows and Mac. And an iOS version should appear soon. Opera seeks above all to make access to cryptocurrencies and the technologies they involve easier. More understandable also for everyone, especially for those who are not familiar with it.

opera crypto browser

You hear more and more about cryptocurrencies. These are decentralized virtual currencies, independent of banking networks and linked to an encryption system. There are several: Bitcoin, the best known bitcoin cash, L’Ethereum, the Litecoin, or even the Dogecoin which made people talk about it thanks to Elon Musk. Other promising currencies are also available. These currencies can be bought and exchanged. They can also be used to buy goods… and not only on the Dark Web. For example, you can buy a Tesla.

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Cryptos are also being undermined. By offering computing power to the blockchain, the blockchain thanks you by paying you in virtual currencies. Mining is accessible to everyone, provided they have the power to provide. And we’re not talking about the power of a Game Boy or the equally limited power of a 1982 Comodore 64! We are talking about that of a modern computer, or even a smartphone. And that’s where Opera comes in. The company has just launched a web browser specializing in cryptocurrency. One “crypto-browser” accessible in early access and that you can install on Android, Mac and Windows (as well as on iOS soon).

Opera launches a browser that mines cryptos automatically

But what is a crypto browser and how does it work? A crypto browser is a browser that allows you to mine transparently, while the software is active. It will be enough for you watch videos, play games or surf the internet. In the background, the browser will use the computing power of your smartphone or PC to mine. And of course, without getting in your way. Of course this raises a question as to the energy it will consume. The autonomy of smartphones is already a sensitive one. He could become critical.

Opera’s Crypto Browser includes a crypto wallet, to collect virtual coins earned through mining, and exchange solutions for virtual currencies and NFTs, to buy (or sell) goods. With this browser, Opera wants to make technologies related to cryptocurrencies, but especially the blockchain, accessible and understandable. Indeed, this would serve as the basis for the next version of the Internet, called Web3. A decentralized Internet, using digital tokens for authentication and cryptocurrencies for exchanges.

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