Orange Cyberdefense victim of a data leak

Shoemakers are sometimes the worst shod, it’s a bit the moral of this story. Orange Cyberdefense, one of the largest French companies specializing in cybersecurity, suffered… a computer attack.

This is the fear of all companies specializing in computer security, and unfortunately it has just happened to Orange Cyberdefense: the subsidiary of the operator was the victim of a data leak. The information collected by a hacker calling himself “Mr Croissant” concerns the group’s customers (companies, communities, associations, etc.).

Ongoing investigation

In all, more than 1,600 commercial data have been put online in a file: customer contact, e-mail, telephone number, company name… Orange Cyberdefense explains that this is a file containing information on French customers who have subscribed to the “Micro-SOC” service. They thus benefit from detection, cyberattack blocking and prevention functions.

At the specialist, we want to be reassuring: “ Investigations are underway, and all necessary measures have been taken to notify the customers concerned as well as the authorities. “. Moreover, the service would not have been impacted by the hack. But the discovery of this file, made by Databreaches and Zatazis worrying: if Orange Cyberdefense can be hacked, not many people can be protected!

To make matters worse, the cybercriminal who did the trick ensures that he is able to sell access to Orange Cyberdefense servers to the highest bidder… The company, which is present throughout the world, employs 2,500 security specialists and works with 8,000 clients. The National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI) has certified it three times for the various services offered. This intrusion may well tarnish his reputation.

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