Orange launches a smartphone repair service open to competition

The French telecoms giant wants to fight against planned obsolescence, by offering its own repair service for smartphones. Open to everyone, the service is aimed at customers from rival operators.

Instead of changing your smartphone when it lets go, it is now possible to repair it directly in an Orange store. The French company announced yesterday the launch of its own smartphone repair service. Good news, it will be open to everyone, so it is not no need to be a customer of the operator to benefit from it.

Concretely, each customer can have a quote made in store, online or by phone. Once the latter is accepted, the smartphone will be taken care of in the store, and will benefit from a treatment in 24 hours (on average), with a 12 month warranty. The initiative could be carried out in one of the 530 partner stores, and should make it possible to effectively fight against planned obsolescence, Orange believes. Note that if the device cannot be repaired, it can also be collected for recycling.

The prices of the services will vary without surprise depending on the model of the smartphone to be repaired and the operation to be performed. Count between € 69 and € 449 to change a screen, between € 29 and € 109 for a back cover, between € 30 and € 289 to replace a camera, and up to € 99 for a battery. Prices that are therefore substantially aligned with what existing repairers offer.

While all smartphone owners will be able to benefit from this service, Orange customers will nevertheless be lend a replacement phone while the repair is taking place. Apple enthusiasts can also have their iPhone repaired in this way, especially since the company already allows in some cases to take advantage of AppleCare.

Note that for their part, Free Mobile and Bouygues Telecom do not offer any smartphone repair service. The two operators call on external service providers – Point Service Mobile and WeFix respectively – to maintain their products. The Orange initiative could therefore enable the company to gbring back followers to the competition.

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