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Orange launches its Black Friday, the price of its fiber collapses

For Black Friday, Orange draws a preview of an offer on its Sosh Box. This non-binding internet box sees its price halved. With Orange fiber at this price, it’s quite simply the best choice on the market.

Orange is recognized for the quality of its networks – both copper (ADSL) and fiber. A few years ago, he set up an offer available exclusively online and without obligation called Sosh. If the service is not as premium as for Orange customers, Sosh ensures the quality of the network, a subscription that is inexpensive and easy to manage.

Before Black Friday, the internet service provider decided to lower the price of its historic formula. The “Sosh Box” which gives you access to fiber with a good speed (300 Mb / s in download) and unlimited calls to landlines for 14.99 euros per month. Enjoying the Orange network and the quality of the leading French operator at this price is quite simply a pleasure.

Take advantage of the offer

We remind once again that this internet box comes without any commitment. This is a peculiarity of the Sosh service compared to Orange subscriptions and it is a real positive point. By offering more flexibility to its younger customers, the ISP is thus putting up real resistance to more recent operators such as Free or RED by SFR.

Why is this offer worth the detour?

With this special offer for the end of the year, Orange is positioning itself as one of the best internet boxes in the entire market. The ISP manages to combine (irreproachable) quality with price and flexibility of the contract. In the end, you have absolutely no risk. Note also that the operator can also cover up to 100 euros in termination costs if you come from a competitor.

To come now to the precise detail of this internet box, it is a classic Livebox. It offers you a download speed of 300 Mb / s and the same upstream speed. This will be more than enough for those who want to play video games or watch video streaming platforms. Unless you have non-standard use, these speeds will be more than sufficient.

In this Sosh internet box, you also have the right to a phone number and all unlimited calls to landlines. This concerns both landlines in France and those in hundreds of destinations (to be discovered on the Sosh site). On the other hand, calls to mobiles are not unlimited. You can opt for an option at 5 euros per month… or choose to make your calls over the internet via Whatsapp or FaceTime Audio for example.

€ 14.99

for 12 months

instead of € 29.99


Unlimited calls to landlines

Without engagement

Livebox 4



Finally, Sosh also adds a TV option – although this is not a true triple-play offer. In this case, the ISP offers you free access to the Orange TV application which itself gives you access to 72 TV channels. However, it is only available on digital media such as mobile, tablet or computer. If you have a television, that won’t be possible. On the other hand, you can opt for a decoder with 140 additional channels too.

In the end, Sosh has optimized all the stations on this internet box to offer you the lowest price. Many French people no longer need a TV decoder and unlimited calls are no longer an important criterion for choosing a box. In the end, what matters is the quality of the connection speed. And with this Orange Livebox, you can only be satisfied.

What price for the Sosh internet box?

This is where it gets interesting. During the first 12 months, this Sosh internet box only costs you 14.99 euros per month instead of 29.99 euros. For comparison, the classic Orange Livebox with (more or less) the same services starts at 22.99 euros per month.

Beyond the first year, prices are subject to change but Sosh remains very transparent. They will thus increase to 29.99 euros per month (the standard price) for this offer. This allows you to save 180 euros in the first year, knowing that once again you are never hired. Still to keep in comparison, the same Fiber Livebox at Orange then goes to 41.99 euros after the first 12 months.

Of course, the Sosh Box requires you to manage your entire subscription online (or via telephone support) but the savings you make are gigantic. However, managing the relationship yourself does not pose a problem when you know the quality of the service and the Orange product. This is not the case with all ISPs on the market, but you can go there with your eyes closed with this internet box.

Before subscribing to this Sosh Box, you must first check your eligibility for Orange fiber. This happens directly on the official website of the internet service provider. In a few clicks, you will be able to find out if your home is eligible for fiber. Otherwise, there is always an ADSL version of this offer, but the speed will necessarily be more limited.

To discover this Black Friday before the hour, it’s here:

Take advantage of the offer

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