Orange offers you two months of Internet with its Livebox Fiber

Until October 5, 2022, Orange reimburses you for two months of internet if you fall for its Livebox Fibre. The perfect opportunity to move up a gear at the best price.

If you’re looking for the perfect time to get the Fibre, this is it. For the start of the school year, equip yourself correctly to work in the most optimal conditions. To do this, Orange is offering an exceptional offer on its Livebox Fibre. Until October 5, 2022, the ISP offers you two months of Internet. You have no time to waste!

Take advantage of the Livebox Fiber at €22.99 per month

Orange offers you 2 months of internet

For years, Orange has been considered the benchmark internet service provider in France. Is right ! High-quality network, excellent customer service… Everything is there to ensure that customers are satisfied with Orange Internet boxes. But taking advantage of such premium products and services requires paying the price. However, from time to time, Orange offers attractive offers on its Fiber subscriptions. So, luck smiles on you today since the ISP unveils an insolent offer until October 5.

The Livebox Fiber from Orange may well be the most affordable box from the ISP, but it is no less balanced and complete. Indeed, for 22.99 euros per month, you have access to broadband fiber (500 Mbit/s download and 500 Mbit/s upload), unlimited calls to landlines in France and access to 140 channels. TV with the 4K Ultra HD decoder. Of course, the offer includes the Fiber connection. Note that after the first year, the price of the Orange Fiber Livebox goes back to its initial price of 41.99 euros per month.

For less than 23 euros per month, you are entitled to a complete offer. You have access to a fast Internet connection but also to TV and telephone. No concessions: you benefit from everything. If you live with a roommate or family, this formula will be more than enough for everyone to enjoy a fast connection. To play, work or binge-watch your current series, the Orange Fiber Livebox is ideal. At this price, you are not likely to find better.

If you want to access the 140 television channels, you will have to ask for the 4K decoder from Orange for 40 euros. But this is not mandatory.

Take advantage of the Livebox Fiber at €22.99 per month

For any subscription to the Orange Fiber Livebox before October 5, Orange reimburses you for two months of Internet. Over the year, this allows you to save 45.80 euros. This is always a significant saving.

To take advantage of this offer and the best price for your Livebox Fibre, you only need to commit to Orange for twelve months. You thus have the opportunity to terminate your contract just before the price of your subscription increases. However, even displayed at 41.99 euros per month, the price of the Liveboc Fiber remains fair.

Why choose Orange?

We have already said it: Orange is recognized as one of the best Internet service providers. Its customer service is impeccable, and its network speed and quality are excellent. To top it off, joining Orange is very easy. The only condition to take advantage of the current offer is to be eligible for Fiber.

To make sure that you are eligible for Fiber, simply go to the Orange website and enter your home address there. It takes a few seconds to find out. All you have to do is choose the Orange Livebox Fiber offer at 22.99 euros. Thereby, in just ten minutes, you can change your Internet box.

In addition, Orange is terminating your contract with your current supplier. Indeed, the ISP reimburses you up to 150 euros in termination fees. These generally never exceed this amount, which ensures that you are reimbursed in full. Finally, an expert comes to take care of the fiber connection to your home at no additional cost. You are calm.

To take advantage of the Orange Fiber Livebox at 22.99 euros per month, it’s here:

Take advantage of the Livebox Fiber at €22.99 per month

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