Orbital Reef: Blue Origin unveils its space station!

By a rather strange coincidence, the last few days have been marked by the announcement of two space station projects, the private space capsule of Nanoracks, Voyager Space and Lockheed Martin (the Starlab), but also theOrbital Reef of Blue Origin. The company led by Jeff Bezos will collaborate with Boeing, Sierra Space and Redwire Space in order to set up theOrbiter Reef, an 830 m3 space station (10 astronauts) which will be placed in low orbit towards the end of the decade. Like the Starlab, Blue Origin has already planned to “rent” its space station to public and private customers (companies, government agencies, but also extremely wealthy space tourists).


According to Brent Sherwood, senior vice-president of advanced development programs at Blue Origin, Orbital Reef should ultimately lower the costs of access to space stations, and therefore increase the associated commercial operations. . The Orbital Reef will be sent into space thanks to Blue Origin’s New Glenn launcher, whose first test flight is scheduled for 2022.

Boeing will be in charge of transporting equipment and astronauts aboard its Starliner capsule while Sierra Space will deliver its expandable LIFE modules (Large Integrated Flexible Environment) and will also transport equipment and people aboard its Dream Chaser space plane. As for Redwire Space, the startup will supply the solar panels that will supply the station with energy. Everyone has their share of the cake in a way …

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