Origin, an open world game on PC, console and mobile

Origin, an open world game on PC, console and mobile

manga Seven Deadly Sins returns with a new video game adaptation straight from the South Korean peninsula. The developer Netmarble (Marvel: Future Fight) unveiled a first trailer for The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin, a new open world game planned for consoles, PC and mobile. No information has been revealed as to the ins and outs of its plot, but we can already see what the game’s resolutely action-oriented gameplay will look like.

In the pastures of Britannia

Suffice to say that we are on a completely different kind of production compared to what Bandai Namco has accustomed us to. Netmarble seems to have blown the budget (or hired a very good trailer director, as you wish) for this new video game adaptation, with its debauchery of visual effects and its artistic direction, embellished with a neat cell-shading of the best taste.

We will find a new protagonist, but also the whole gang of the main characters of the manga, namely Ban, Melodias, King, Escanor, Merlin, Elizabeth and the great Diana in a new original story. The game will take place in Britannia, in an open world that is furiously reminiscent of Genshin Impact… For the moment, we do not know the consoles affected by its release, in addition to its possible arrival on PC and smartphones.

If its name is not one of the best known in the West, Netmarble is one of the most active developers and publishers in the South Korean video game industry. It is in particular to their internal studio that we owe the series of games sevenknight, but also Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds and The King of Fighters All Star, all released on mobile platforms. The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin will thus be the studio’s first excursion into the tumultuous lands of console gaming. Moreover, it is the second Netmarble game to be adapted from Nabaka Suzuki’s manga, after the first mobile game The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross released in 2018 in Japan.

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