our selection of books to devour on October 31

It’s Halloween, the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the tortured imagination of writers. Discover our selection.

It is the scariest time of the year. In October, while the darkness covers with its black veil the cities and the countryside, in France as elsewhere, some celebrate Halloween. This is the perfect opportunity to read fantasy novels, thrillers and monster tales. Outside the traditional Dracula and Frankenstein, children’s and adult literature offers some pretty nuggets to enjoy warm in your living room. Here is our selection.

Alfred Hitchcock presents Abominable Stories

It is not only behind the camera that Alfred Hitchcock enjoys the thrill. The filmmaker, whose filmography adapts perfectly to the season, has also made a few forays into the world of literature. With Alfred Hitchcock presents Abominable Stories, which explores several genres between thriller and fantasy, the filmmaker shares several spooky and weird short stories, which, on the other hand, were not written by his own hand. To read with the music of his films in the background and a subdued light to set the mood.

Dark Night, Dead Stars by Stephen King

If you liked Shining, this collection of short stories is for you. Stephen King, undisputed master of thriller and the strange, plunges us into four frightening universes. “Never seek to know this Other who lies dormant within you…”, you have been warned. Stephen King signs here four stories as exciting as disturbing that will make you shiver. The author’s unquestionable taste for the gore, the murky and his propensity for the disturbing make this collection the perfect work for the season.

The first news, 1922, follows the adventures of a Nebraska farmer who tries by all means to convince his wife not to sell his piece of land to an industrial slaughterhouse. But while his wife Arlette does not want to listen to reason, he commits the irreparable and assassinates him with the complicity of his son. This act will eat away at him (literally) until his death years later. It is undoubtedly our favorite, so much it overwhelms us with its sordid atmosphere. The writer’s eye for detail will not leave you unscathed, just like our intestines.

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The Ice Princess by Camilla Läckberg

Direction Sweden in a small coastal town of peaceful appearance, but whose inhabitants sometimes hide sordid secrets. A young woman is found dead in a frozen bathtub. Very quickly, Erica Falk understands that this is not a suicide. This one is linked to the victim, because it is one of her childhood friends but it is also a curious writer who will lead the investigation, helped by Inspector Patrik Hedstrom.

The author, Camilla Lackberg, plunges us into the private life of Erica Falk, an endearing character who feels an irrepressible need to delve into people’s lives, in order to discover the truth. A successful page turner, for those who love the latent mysteries and the polar atmospheres of northern Europe.

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Grim Reaper by Neal Shusterman

In the universe of Neal Shusterman, humans have successfully conquered death. For several hundred years, life has been eternal for almost everyone. But this scientific advance is accompanied by a less encouraging observation, the Earth cannot accommodate all the humans who are there. It was then that an artificial intelligence, which replaced governments, decided to entrust a particular mission to the Reapers. Across the world, they must randomly glean life to restore balance. Citra and Rowan, two apparently uneventful teenagers, are recruited by one of them and invited to undergo an apprenticeship to join the ranks of this eminent organization.

Who says science fiction can’t be read on Halloween? With its ingenious and effective plot, Neal Shusterman’s novel invites us to reflect on life and death, whether we are small or large. There is no great thrill here, but a macabre epic, which reminds us of the Little death by Davy Mourier. The second volume has just been published by Pocket Jeunesse.

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The Seven Dead of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

Since the death of Evelyn Hardcastle, Aiden Bishop has been condemned to relive the same day over and over again. Aiden knows that only solving this crime will allow him to escape this time loop. Each, he has to adapt to his new body. Every day, he discovers clues that lead him away or bring him closer to his goal: to get out of this infernal cycle.

Halfway between One Endless Day and Hercule Poirot, The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle has nothing very original on paper. If the narrative scheme, which consists of a time loop, could discourage readers who love more linear stories, we have to admit that the recipe proposed by Stuart Turton works rather well. The novel brilliantly mixes the detective genre with that of the fantastic to upset readers’ expectations. A word of advice: given the large number of characters, it is better to dive into it daily so as not to get lost and savor this adventure. Once you start it, it’s hard to stop …

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Considered the inventor of the detective novel, Edgar Allan Poe does not shine only by his verses. In this collection condensed by another famous poet, Baudelaire, the American writer explores different people, from the fantastic to the thriller. Its narration, and its inimitable pen make these news sizeable allies at a time when the strange fascinates us. For Halloween, this collection will find its place on your shelves or in your stack to read.

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Fear Street : The Erased of RL Stine

In the 90s, the saga Goosebumps was the heyday of booksellers. Many adaptations have also been produced, until the most recent with Dylan Minnette and Jack Black in the lead roles. Corn RL Stine is also at the origin of another equally popular saga on the other side of the Atlantic. Fear Street, adapted from Netflix, returns with two new chapters, for young fans of horror tales.

The story is intended primarily for young readers, and adults might find it difficult to get excited about the adventures of these teenagers. But if you are looking to introduce reluctant young people to the joys of reading, these novels are ideal. Especially since the films shown this summer make a nice entry point into the world, a little less gory, of the literary saga.

In the Erased, Mark and his sister Cara improvise a little party while waiting for their parents to return. But the celebrations are cut short, because in the early morning, they still have not returned. What if their disappearance was linked to the mysterious forest of Fear Street ?

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Chills at the Mount Hemlock by Katherine Arden

Author of Terror in Smoke Hollow, Katherine Arden unveils Chills at Mount Hemlock. Halfway between the The Club of Five and Shining, Chills at Mount Hemlock plunges us into the heart of a frozen universe populated by ghosts and curious characters. Ollie, Coco and Brian come to spend a stay at the Mont Hemlock a few weeks before the official opening of a new ski resort. But as a storm trap in the hotel on the mountainside, they gradually let themselves be overcome by fear. Ollie is persuaded to hear voices, and even to see a ghost. The apparition claims to have been locked up alive in this building and left for dead.

This new adventure in the imagination of the writer is a great success, pleasing and captivating. The inspirations seem to be numerous, especially on the side of Stephen King. Hard not to see the references to Shining, a masterpiece by the writer who inspired Stanley Kubrick’s equally sublime film. Much less bloody than his alter ego for adults, the story of Katherine Arden It is no less fascinating, for those who prefer small thrills to great fears.

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You are now ready to celebrate Halloween. The All Saints’ Day holidays are the perfect opportunity to get back to reading, warm by the fireside or under a blanket. Young and old will be able to immerse themselves in macabre, frightening and above all fascinating sagas.

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