Overwatch 2 will open its beta next April

It’s finally here, it’s almost hard to believe: Overwatch 2the sequel to Blizzard’s famous hero shooter, has dated the release of its beta. The latter will be launched end of Aprilwithout further details, and PC registrations are already open on the game’s official website.

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The big difference ofOverwatch 2 compared to its predecessor is to be found in its game model, going from the 6 versus 6 to 5 versus 5 format. The beta will allow you to try out Sojourn, the new heroine in the cast of this sequel. Armed with a laser beam rifle, Sojourn is a decidedly DPS-oriented character, capable of dealing massive damage while staying on the move thanks to her range of stealth moves.

Overwatch 2 pushes us to the limit with its beta

A new game mode is also making its debut: called Push, it places a bipedal robot in the center of the game map, which you will have to take control of. The robot will then move towards the opposing camp, pushing a barricade on its way – the team that sees the barricade arrive at its spawn location will have lost the game. If time runs out, the team that has covered the most distance to the enemy spawn will be the winner. On the maps side, four additions are in account for the beta: Circuit Royal for the Escort mode, Midtown for the Hybrid mode, and finally New Queen Street and Colosseo for the previously mentioned Push mode.

Four different heroes will be given a deep gameplay overhaul to better fit them into the new metaOverwatch 2 : Orisa, Doomsfist, Bastion and Sombra. Finally, as previously announced by Blizzard, a ping system will be introduced within the game.Apex Legends, among other things, the ping system allows players to report different elements of the game map to their teammates through a system of dynamic markers; a very practical means of indirect communication for those who do not have a microphone, or who simply do not want to activate voice chat. However, Blizzard has not yet detailed how the Ping system will work in Overwatch 2.

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