Capture d'écran du clip vidéo de Pac Man pour son 42 ème anniversaire montrant Pac Man dans un style animé retro

Pac-Man celebrates its 42nd birthday with great fanfare

It’s time to celebrate for the little yellow ball from Namco through unexpected collaborations.

The midlife crisis hits hard for the timeless retro mascot. After his divorce from his wife due to copyright issues, Pac-Man branched out into songwriting with his own theme music. Titled “We Are Pac-Man”, this song full of energy comes to pay homage to this video game monument and its pop and colorful universe. It was even offered in three different versions in English, Japanese or Chinese.

The video that accompanies the music takes excerpts from various titles that have marked the history of the character while bringing its share of new visuals. We then have the right to a catchy and modern themelike what Pac-Man is today 42 years after its creation.

This new musical debut is the perfect opportunity to unearth this musical masterpiece that Club Dorothée reserved for Namco’s mascot in 1984 when the character was only 4 years old:

Pac-Man wishes to rejuvenate

In addition to his new song, Pac-Man as a good little boomer continues to want to be young with a collaboration within the hit battle-royale. Fortnite. Announced via the character’s official Japanese website, it seems that the Epic Games online game will receive the little yellow ball from June 2.

Logo of the collaboration between Fortnite and Pac-Man
© Epic Games / Namco

The short announcement indicates that players will be able to purchase items in the colors of Pac-Man, hinting that there will be no character skin per se but simple accessories. This is not the first time that Epic Games has collaborated with a Japanese studio, since many characters from street fighter notably had the right to their skin packs. These were moreover much more developed than what seems to reserve Fortnite for the yellow mascot.

However, we will have to wait for confirmation from the official accounts of Fortnite to learn more about this upcoming event and confirm its release date. If you are impatient, know that the battle royale already offers an event in collaboration with the series Obi Wan which arrives on May 27th.

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