Panasonic's future batteries would improve the autonomy of Tesla by 20%

Panasonic’s future batteries would improve the autonomy of Tesla by 20%

Future Tesla vehicles could benefit from a longer range thanks to new batteries produced by Panasonic. The supplier has developed a higher capacity battery for the car manufacturer.

Batteries are of course the central element of an electric vehicle. Innovation must therefore be a priority in this area to allow cars to go ever further on a single charge. Panasonic should give Tesla a serious hand in this area.

Go further on a single charge

In early 2023, the company would start volume production of the latest generation lithium-ion batteries, according to Nikkei Asia. Larger capacity batteries (they can hold up to 5 times more energy than current models) known as 4680 because their dimensions are 46 x 80 mm. These batteries would be produced in the factory in Wakayama, Japan, which will expand for the occasion.

In September 2020, Tesla announced that new batteries ” six times more powerful would reduce the cost per kWh by 14%, knowing that batteries represent more than 30% of the cost of an electric car. Reducing production costs while improving autonomy is, in a way, the holy grail for car manufacturers.

The new batteries from Panasonic would be able to improve the autonomy of an electric vehicle by 20%, while Tesla had mentioned a gain of 16%. On a Model S, the improved range would go from 650 km to 750 km. Panasonic has not officially confirmed that Tesla is the main customer for these batteries, but the group is already a supplier for the manufacturer (LG and CATL also deliver batteries for Tesla).

Elon Musk has confirmed that his company will continue to buy batteries from third-party suppliers, with even the intention of increasing orders. In parallel, the manufacturer is looking to produce its own 4680 batteries in-house, which could be done this year.

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