Paper Mario N64 is rolling out to Nintendo Switch Online in December

A little over a month after its launch, the Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack receives its very first addition, and not the least. The Nintendo 64 catalog of the subscription service is thus preparing to welcome Paper Mario, the famous must-have RPG for the console.

the official Twitter account Nintendo of America broke the news last night as well.

First novelty for the Nintendo 64

So this is the cult RPG (and the best of the N64 by extension, but that only involves the author of these lines) Paper Mario coming to Nintendo Switch Online. This is the first new Nintendo 64 title to join the Additional Pack catalog after its launch last October. A controversial launch, moreover: several users complained about the dubious quality of the emulation offered by Nintendo …

While the catalog has a solid selection of cult games—Sin & Punishment, Mario Tennis among other things — it is a shame to see the lack of attention brought by the Kyoto firm to its own game library. Nintendo still hasn’t made a statement or released patch patches for games suffering from emulation inaccuracies. Right now, this is the only Switch Online addition for December. No NES, SNES, or even Mega Drive — the other new console added to the service — are getting any new games this month.

The Mario-style RPG

Released in 2000, Paper Mario is a late title in the history of Nintendo 64, but nonetheless remains one of the best items in the game library. Introducing a daring and very inspired art direction, this RPG produced by Miyamoto himself follows Mario on a whole new adventure… even if the term “new” is very relative. Bowser has captured Princess Peach once again, and the mustached plumber will have to roam the Mushroom Kingdom and befriend its inhabitants to save the crown.

This is the first game in the franchise to offer such a great overview of the universe surrounding Mario and his cronies, rich in dialogue and new faces. Unlike the JRPGs of that time, the combat gameplay Paper Mario requires a lot more attention from the players. The latter thus interact directly during attacks.

Paper Mario will be available from December 10 on the Nintendo Switch Online service + Additional Pack.

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