PC Game Pass on Steam: Valve is ready to help Microsoft

Valve assures it: it is ready to help Microsoft integrate its PC Game Pass on Steam. Besides, Valve has no plans to create a competitor to the games service that is accessible via subscription.

Valve Steam Deck and PC

When is PC Game Pass on Steam?

“I don’t think it’s something we need to do ourselves, which is to create a subscription service right now”Valve boss Gabe Newell told gaming pc. “But for their customers it’s clearly a popular option, and we’d be more than happy to work with them to get it on Steam”he added.

The rest of Gabe Newell’s statement suggests that the PC Game Pass isn’t coming to Steam anytime soon, but the two companies have been in discussions about the possibility. “We discussed this quite often with the people there”did he declare. “If your customers want it, then you have to find a way to do it. This is where we are”.

Steam already offers a subscription gaming service. This is EA Play, and has been since 2020. But it’s worth noting that players only have access to the basic offer. The more complete offer, namely EA Play Pro, remains an exclusivity of the Electronic Arts launcher.

It is possible that Valve’s commission (namely 30%) with Steam is a blocker. Microsoft could deem it too high, hence the absence (for the moment at least) of the PC Game Pass on this support. But who knows, maybe the two companies will find an agreement that will satisfy everyone, including the players.

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