Peacemaker will have a season 2

While it is not yet broadcast in France, Peacemaker is renewed on HBO Max. James Gunn remains in command and John Cena in the suit.

It’s a small phenomenon across the Atlantic. DC recently aired its first spin-off series from its cinematic universe. A series centered on Peacemaker, character that we discovered on the big screen with James Gunn this summer. Always in front of the director’s camera, John Cena portrays this superhero for whom peace deserves a few (many) sacrifices.

As a reminder, this spin-off immerses us some time after the events of Tea Suicide Squad. Peacemaker joins forces with a whole new team to fight crime, with means of its own. A band of broken arms who will have to navigate between the bad guys, while learning to collaborate. Not easy when your leader takes himself for the incarnation of peace in the world, but he knocks out everything that happens.

Obviously, the trip proposed by the director of The Suicide Squad has largely convinced the public and HBO Max, which has just announced that a second season has been ordered. This is not really a surprise for James Gunn, who confided a few weeks ago that there was “high chance of that happening. We are the most popular series at the moment.”

Still no broadcast in France

Yes Peacemaker makes noise across the Atlantic, the series is rather discreet in France and for good reason. It is not yet available in our green regions. No broadcaster has come forward to add it to its catalog. This renewal could nevertheless change the situation, since it can serve as a guarantee of quality for the various French players.

OCS no longer has the exclusivity of HBO series, at least will no longer have it by the end of 2022, so we can expect some of its competitors to join the dance. Salto for example, which already broadcasts superman and laws from the CW. Peacemaker undoubtedly represents a nice addition, especially since it seems to be in line with other successful series like The Boysless trashy and violent.

In the meantime, James Gunn is working on the last part of the Guardians of the Galaxy adventures. After many uproars, filming is currently in full swing. The film is due to be released on May 3, 2023 on our screens. We will find Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana and Dave Bautista respectively in the roles of Star Lord, Gamora and Drax. The merry band should also pass a head in Thor: Love and Thunder this summer.

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