Pentagon creates special office to track down UFOs

Little green men are taken very seriously by American authorities. The Pentagon has thus announced the creation of a specialized office responsible for collecting and analyzing information on UFOs.

The unidentified flying objects are going to be observed very closely by the US Department of Defense, aka the Pentagon. The latter announced the creation of a synchronization group on the identification and management of aerial objects (AOIMSG), responsible for collecting and analyzing documents related to UFOs.

Monitor US opponents

This group, which will respond to the Under-Secretary of Defense in charge of security and surveillance, replaces the US Navy’s work unit on unidentified aerial phenomena, created in August 2020. This change of jurisdiction is a signal very clear that the American authorities take seriously not the possible little green men who would come to visit us, but rather the unknown threats of countries hostile to the United States.

This is why one of the missions of the AOIMSG is to coordinate the surveillance activities of the intelligence services and the US army. It is less about flushing out flying saucers than unidentified aerial phenomena that could be weapons developed by rivals like China. Too bad for Mulder and Scully …

For the moment, everything remains to be built. In the coming weeks, the Pentagon will release its implementation guidelines with additional details on the group’s director, organizational structure, and also the resources allocated to this new program. They will undoubtedly be substantial.

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