Phil Spencer wants to make Starfield even more popular than Skyrim and Fallout

This is the most anticipated release of this month of November 2022: Starfield, Bethesda’s next RPG, is the Xbox console exclusive you can’t miss. A title for which Phil Spencerdirector of the Xbox branch at Microsoft, think big, very big… To the point of seeing him overtake mastodons like Skyrim and fallout thanks to its presence in the Game Pass.

Spencer is betting big on Starfield

This is for journalist Stephen Totilo the thinking head of Microsoft Gaming spoke about the upcoming strategy for the Xbox brand. The significant promotion of Game Pass—even more than the Xbox Series X|S consoles themselves—is not insignificant: Xbox relies heavily on these services to promote its ecosystem and expand its player base. . The presence of first-party titles within the Game Pass catalog is of paramount importance for this strategy, and Spencer does not hide it: the director wants to make Starfieldthe next game produced by Todd Howard’s teams at Bethesda, a bigger success than The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Where Fallout 4.

I love seeing the statics of Forza 5 and Halo…I love seeing how many people have played Psychonauts 2 compared to Psychonauts. So when I look at the teams, when Todd and I talk about Starfield, you’re like, “How do you make this Todd Howard’s most played game?” “As a platform, I think we have a lot to play in this. The quality of the titles is essential, there is no doubt… But my success will be measured by the games themselves: can we allow these games to reach even more players than before?

Starfield is the next big blockbuster from Bethesda. Developed in absolute secrecy, this highly anticipated RPG will be available from day one of its release on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscriptions, a first for the publisher. An important marketing move that should significantly expand its audience – but from there to make it a title even more played than the Skyrim monsters, which have benefited from a wide range of cross-platform ports, nothing is less certain.

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