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Philips Hue unveils a nomadic lamp and several connected objects

The brand has formalized the launch of several new lamps as well as a new connected accessory.

The Philips Hue range continues to grow, and now offers a whole range of products dedicated to smart lighting. The manufacturer has just announced the launch of several new connected objects, ranging from lamps to multipurpose switches. Some are available today, while others will be released this summer.

A new nomadic lamp

The brand started with an update of its connected lamp Philips HueGo. Powered by battery, the object is now usable everywhere, including outdoors with its IP44 certification (splash and dust). On the autonomy side, the brand announces between 6 and 48 hours before having to go through the charging box. Several predefined scenarios are included directly in the device, thus avoiding having to go through the application to change the atmosphere. For more comfort, a silicone grip should make it easier to hold when the lamp is transported.

The Philips Hue Go portable lamp will be available from next September starting at €149.99.

Gradient Signe, the lamp that imitates the Sun

Philips Hue Gradient Sign
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The brand’s light tube is back this year, this time in a floor or table lamp version. Equipped with a new oak covering at its base, the Gradient Signe also offers a new function, and can now imitate sunrise. Enough to ensure a gentle awakening for those who have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Count at least €239.99 to offer you the connected object, which has been available for sale since yesterday.

Perifo puts Philips back on track

Philips Hue perifo
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Undoubtedly the most promising announcement of this burst of formalizations from Philips, the Perifo system presents itself as a modular rail system, in which it is possible to slide up to 18 lights, bulbs, lines or spots. With three sizes available and 100W of power, Philips also plans to ship corner connectors in the future.

Several starter packs will be available at launch, and we must admit that the promise is enticing: in addition to taking advantage of the entire Philips Hue ecosystem, Perifo should also allow the creation of customizable and interchangeable light systems at will. The system will be commercialized by September.

Tap Dial, to control them all

Philips Hue Tap Dial
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If all the products in the range are obviously controllable via smartphone, Philips has also announced the release of its new Tap Dial switch. Equipped with four buttons on the front and a tactile crown to adjust the light intensity, the connected object can be fixed to the wall or simply placed on a table to control up to four different scenarios or rooms. Powered by battery and with two years of autonomy announced, the Tap Dial is compatible with Hue products, but also with Zigbee products, but and soon those Matter and HomeKit. Count €49.99 to get the product, available for sale since this week.

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