Phone scams will become much easier to spot

To fight against telephone scams, Arcep has announced a formidable measure.

France finally seems to be aware of the scourge of scams and other attempts at telephone phishing. After the ban on canvassing the Personal Training Account, the telecommunications regulator (Arcep) has just delivered a new salutary decision: the ban on professional services using numbers starting with 06 and 07. From January 1 2023, mobile phone numbers will remain exclusively reserved for individuals.

“For the sake of readability for subscribers, the Authority reserves the use of mobile numbers in 06 and 07 — durably attached to a user in the minds of all — exclusively for interpersonal communications services”

The announcement comes this Monday, September 5, and aims in particular to “strengthen the protection” users against fraud and abuse of telephone call centers, who no longer hesitate to use mobile numbers to deceive the trust of Internet users. In a few months, professional canvassing services will have to switch to a number in 09, under penalty of being sanctioned.

And the text messages?

More than phone calls, phishing attempts on smartphones mainly concern text messages. In our inboxes, fraudulent messages are often sent from mobile numbers. Arcep has confirmed that this option will end from next year. In return, companies now with a number in 09 will still be able to communicate via instant messaging platforms or SMS. Concretely, only the displayed number will change.

Obviously, the Arcep project is still far from solving the problem of cold calling. However, the prohibition of numbers in 06 and 07 for companies should allow better readability for users. Ultimately, the objective is not only to facilitate and secure exchanges between individuals and professionals, but also to reduce the environmental impact of digital technology in France. On this last point in particular, Arcep should soon specify the different categories of numbers eligible for direct marketing. Ephemeral connections (as is already the case on certain delivery or VTC platforms for example), could also be favored depending on the services.

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