Pixel 6 Pro does better than GoPro in this awesome drone video

Pixel 6 Pro does better than GoPro in this awesome drone video

GoPro must feel the wind of Google’s bullet pass! A video made with a Pixel 6 Pro attached to a drone shows the amazing stability and video image quality capabilities of Google’s new smartphone.

It’s no mystery, the new Pixels are photo champions. Google has paid particular attention to this part, which makes its smartphones the very best cameras on the market! But this year, the search engine has also done a lot of work on the video part, with Live HDR + technology for brilliant rendering.

Stability worthy of a Gimbal

OriginalBodo put the Pixel 6 Pro to the test of the drone and the result is stunning. The smartphone simply offers better dynamics and better stabilization than its GoPro! The sports camera manufacturer may be afraid for his business, if smartphones are now encroaching on his flower beds.

It was a long time before Google decided to compete with the iPhone in video recording. It’s really only since last year and the Pixel 5 that the search engine has embarked on this race. And obviously, it pays to see the above result.

To achieve this result, the videographer hooked the Pixel onto the drone and manually compensated during the flight for the center of gravity at all.

Drone manufacturers may be interested in the smartphone support accessory market on their products!

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