Pixel 6: the magic eraser crashes Google Photos

An annoying bug has appeared on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, with the Google Photos app crashing due to the magic eraser. It’s annoying when you know that the magic eraser is one of the features put forward by Google with its latest smartphones.

Pixel 6 Pro Front Screen

Pixel 6s have a bug with the magic eraser

Magic Eraser lets you remove unwanted objects, people, and smudges from images, and while it’s not perfect, it works pretty well thanks to artificial intelligence. The feature has been heavily touted in launch and promotional materials over the past few months, but issues exist now.

Many users with Google Photos version on Pixel 6 and 6 Pro say the app crashes when they try to use the magic eraser. It was working fine so far and suddenly everything starts to crash.

Users tried to clear cache and storage of the application, but nothing worked: the problem persists. We will therefore have to wait for Google to offer an update. We can imagine that it will arrive within the next few days, although the group does not communicate publicly on this problem.

There is at least one “positive” point in this affair: the version of Google Photos is being rolled out and therefore not everyone has this version. 100% of users with a Pixel 6 are therefore not affected by the problem. But for those who are: patience.

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