PlatinumGames announces its “SHOCKING 10”, a series of “neo-retro” games

In a lunar press conference, PlatinumGames simultaneously announced nine new titles in its NEO-CLASSIC ARCADE range, including Soil Cresta was the first representative. A series called “SHOCKING 10” and which tends to recall the famous “Capcom Five”, these five titles which were presented in November 2002 as future GameCube exclusives.

On April 1, 2020, PlatinumGames released a video announcing the upcoming release of Soil Cresta, seventh episode of the Terra Cresta saga. At the time, the announcement made people smile because of the day chosen, but since February 22, the title is now a reality. Joining as the first title in PlatinumGames’ NEO-CLASSIC ARCADE lineup, Soil Cresta has on the other hand much less laughed via the asking price for a shoot them up in digital format: 39.99 euros without forgetting a downloadable content at 10 euros visibly adding a story mode.

Its aesthetics anchored in the past, coupled with the experience acquired since that time, had however made a good impression on those who had been able to try the experience. Under such conditions, how can we consider this new announcement dating from April 1, 2022 telling us that PlatinumGames is preparing nine new titles in this same range?

Sol Cresta would be followed by nine new titles in the NEO-CLASSIC ARCADE range

In a video subtitled in English, the members of the studio appear dressed as thugs. The conference does not show any images of at least one game, which does not automatically mean that this announcement is an April Fool’s joke. What’s more, why did you announce a range of “neo-retro” games if Soil Cresta would be the only one? It should be noted that all of these ten titles are united under the name “SHOCKING 10”. Possible reference to a “Capcom Five”, five GameCube exclusives of which only one will have remained and another will never have seen the light of day.

  • Soil Cresta
  • Galactic Badass Beat ‘Em Up Action (Provisional)
  • Battle Action Breakout (Provisional)
  • SF Superhero Soccer (provisional)
  • Pretty Great Side-Scrolling Action (Provisional)
  • Constellation-Based Side-Scrolling Shooter (provisional)
  • High-Speed ​​Action Racing Game (provisional)
  • Dynamite Sexy Puzzle (Provisional)
  • Ultimate Top View Bastard Action (provisional)
  • Apocalyptic Giant Robot Fighting (Provisional)

The allocated budget will be similar to that devoted to Soil Cresta, with a release in 2023 targeted. What would be even stronger is to release these nine titles at the same time. And at a price understood by all.

Source: PlatinumGames Inc. YouTube account (via VGC)

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