Play Pac-Man with your favorite streamers thanks to Facebook

Far from being the favorite in the hearts of livestream fans, this platform lets you play Pac-Man in an amazing way.

In the livestream platform market, a big war is currently being played out between Twitch, which belongs to Amazon, and Youtube, which belongs to Google. Yet they’re not the only ones vying for the attention of streamers and viewers. Meta, formerly Facebook, also has market share with its Facebook Gaming platform. While not particularly popular with the majority, it does introduce an interesting feature that lets you play Pac-Man… with your favorite streamers.

Indeed, the interactive feature lets viewers start a game with the community, including the person streaming. The feature is called Play With Streamer and contains a slightly modified version of Pac-Man by Genvid and Bandai Namco studios. It includes a co-op mode for up to four players as well as challenges to complete. You can also create your own mazes with a version optimized for mobile.

In addition, when a certain option is activated, the other spectators can also influence the game thanks to an AI which will put itself on the side of Pac-Man or the side of the ghosts. An addition that allows everyone to take part in the game.

Towards an interconnected metaverse

This is not the first time that a streaming platform has allowed this kind of interactive activity between streamers and spectators. Other similar functions are already available on Twitch or Google Stadia. But this is the first time that the company behind the project has claimed it as part of the construction of a metaverse.

Indeed, a few weeks ago, Facebook announced its name change to become Meta. This came at the same time as the announcement of Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitions for the tech world which can be summed up in the concept of the metaverse. Playing Pac-Man with the Facebook Gamin community is already a first step towards interconnection and interactivity in the world of entertainment.

In the future, Meta should be able to offer this kind of functionality on a larger scale and above all diversify its offer, on its platforms as a priority.

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