Play PX, a smart hearing aid for children

The young years are essential to properly understand the world. Unfortunately, children who are deaf or hard of hearing start out with a disadvantage that the Play PX hearing aid wants to compensate for.

Young people with hearing loss are less likely to appreciate the experiences of other children: their disability prevents them from accessing the full auditory information and sound scenes that are so important for recognizing and remembering words. Oticon has taken up this challenge, launching the Play PX hearing aid.

Artificial intelligence for better hearing

The Danish specialist has developed a deep neural network that mimics the way the young brain learns. The model was trained with twelve million sound scenes from real life. An artificial intelligence called Polaris, which allows the Play PX to represent real sounds, creating details of each sound and how they should ideally sound.

In this way, the child is able to remember words better, including when the voice comes from several directions. This allows them to participate in school and other activities that are crucial for growth and learning. Oticon has not stopped there and has also developed the EduMic, worn by the teacher, which amplifies their voice in the headset.

At the same time, the noises of the environment fade away, thus improving concentration during lessons. Very practical when the teacher wears a mask or when he is at a distance from the hearing-impaired student. The device can also connect to a smartphone or listen to television.

A mobile app, Oticon ON, allows you to control the headset and view the battery level. This offers a day of autonomy for 3.5 hours of recharging (30 minutes of fast charging allows it to be used for 5 hours). The Play PX, which is IP68 certified for water resistance, comes in 12 colorways. Prices are not indicated.

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