Play Store: get rid of Android apps infected with the GriftHorse trojan as quickly as possible

The trojan Grifthorse wreaks havoc on Android. More than 10 million people in 70 countries have reportedly seen their accounts siphoned off by a malware quite diabolical in operation. GriftHorse sends notifications to certain Android users to let them know that they have won a free gift. Users who click on the link are taken to a web page where they are asked to enter their mobile number for verification. The less careful are trapped: the mobile number is then used to forcibly subscribe the victim to a bogus SMS service (which she does not know of course), the bill generally amounting to 36 euros / month!

Android malware

This scam, which is rampant on more than 200 apps from the Play Store, has reportedly earned its authors several hundred million dollars. If you do not want to be the victim, increase the level of caution (never click on an unknown link) and also, eliminate as quickly as possible the apps concerned, of which here is the complete list (thanks to our colleague of Clubic for having referenced the apps):

Handy Translator Pro

Live Mobile Number Tracker

Call Blocker-Spam Call Blocker

Call Blocker-Spam Call Blocker

Launcher iOS for Android


Coupons & Gifts: InstaShop

Easy Bass Booster

HOO Live – Meet and Chat


KFC Saudi – Get free delivery and 50% off coupons

Free Coupons 2021

Caller ID & Spam Blocker

FastPulse – Heart Rate Monitor

CallHelp: Second Phone Number

Piano Bot Easy Lessons

Qibla direction watch (compass)

Stickers Maker for WhatsApp

Qibla Finder – Qibla Direction

3D Camera To Plan


Second Translate PRO

Phone Search by Clap


Mobile Things Finder

Translate It – Online App

Phone Caller Screen 2021

Bag X-Ray 100% Scanner

QR Code Reader – Barcode Scanner

Free Islamic Stickers 2021

Call Record Pro

You Frame

FX Keyboard

QR Reader Pro

Scanner Pro App: PDF Document

Keyboard: Virtual Projector App

Squishy and Pop it

Color Call Changer

Plant Camera Identifier

CIAO – Live Video Chat

Soul Scanner – Check Your

Qibla Compass

Ela-Salaty: Muslim Prayer Times & Qibla Direction


R Circle – Location Finder

Dating App – Sweet Meet

Qibla correct Quran Quran Koran

Easy TV Show

Loca – Find Location

Ludo Game Classic

Zodiac: Hand

Pony Video Chat-Live Stream

WiFi Unlock Password Pro X

Language Translator-Easy & Fast

iSalam Qibla Compass

My Locator Plus

Free Calls WorldWide

Screen Mirroring TV Cast

Clap To Find My Phone

Amazing Sticky Slime Simulator ASMR u200f

Forza H Mobile 4 Ultimate Edition

100% Projector for Mobile Phone

VPN Zone – Fast & Easy Proxy

English Arabic Translator direct

AR Phone Booster – Battery Saver

Photo Lab


Locatoria – Find Location

Heart Rate Pro Health Monitor

Battery Live Wallpaper 4K

Ludo Speak v2.0

Vector arts


Fitness Trainer

Быстрые кредиты 24 7

Video & Photo Recovery Manager 2

Pulse App – Heart Rate Monitor

iTranslator_ Text & Voice & Photo

TrueCaller & TrueRecoder

Face Analyzer

Intelligent Translator Pro

Live Wallpaper & Background

Cinema Hall: Free HD Movies

Street Cars: pro Racing

PikCho Editor app

Call Recorder iCall

GPS Phone Tracker – Family Locator

Truck – RoudDrive Offroad

Qibla Ultimate

Prookie-Cartoon Photo Editor

Qibla Compass (Kaaba Locator)

Daily Horoscope & Life Palmestry

Smart Call Recorder

iConnected Tracker

Photo Effect Pro



Qibla Pass Direction

SnapLens – Photo Translator

Parallax paper 3D

PhoneControl Block Spam Calls

Mine Easy Translator

Heart Rate and Meal Tracker

Qibla AR Pro

Fitness Point

Horoscope: Fortune


Hunt Contact

Chat Translator All Messengers

Scanner App Scan Docs & Notes

Idle Gun Tycoo u202an u202c

IOS 15 Launcher

Lifeel – scan and test

Fingerprint Defender

Bus Driving Simulator

Phone Finder by Clapping

OFFRoaders – Survive

CutCut Pro

Smart Spot Locator

Heart Rhythm

Safe Lock

Amazing Video Editor

What’s Me Sticker

Keyboard Themes

Slime Simulator

Racers Car Driver

Instant Speech Translation

Call Recoder Pro

Fingerprint Changer

Locker Tool

Free Translator Photo

Bus – Metrolis 2021

My Chat Translator

iCare – Find Location

Geospot: GPS Location Tracker

Heart Rate and Pulse Tracker

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