players banned for requesting a refund?

Many players have complained about being banned from Lost Ark after requesting a refund. What are the reasons ?

Lost Ark hasn’t ceased to be talked about since its release in the West. Indeed, after snatching the second place of the most played games on Steam in just a few days, the Smilegate title quickly faced many connection problems and endless queues, just like recently released MMOs – we think of New World or even to Final Fantasy XIV.

Skyrocketing popularity

Since then, many players have posted negative reviews, drastically dropping the rating of Lost Ark on Steam, and asking for refunds. Indeed, before becoming free-to-play, the game was available in a paid version during its early access. You could then buy the Founder’s Pack (or pack founder in French).

However, many players who requested a refund for this pack when the servers stopped responding were banned from the game. On Reddit, a user did not fail to describe his more than regrettable experience. He explains :

I was banned from the game because I requested and received a refund for my Founders Platinum Pack. I didn’t violate any code of ethics and didn’t mistreat anyone in the game. I just asked for a refund for the Founders Platinum Pack which I didn’t use since I deleted the character who used it. had originally received. Didn’t play at all during launch, bought the pack during server downtime Feb 11th. »

Amazon gives an answer

Since this case was not isolated, Amazon, which publishes the game in our green regions, responded to one of these complaints on a dedicated forum. One of the moderators explained that it had to do with the fact that you are using the object for which you are requesting a refund. He specifies :

This happens when an item is purchased and consumed from product inventory because a Steam refund will remove the “DLC” pack from your account. [Dans le cas contraire] that means it would be a highly abusive system where people could constantly get reimbursed, get money back, and keep everything they bought.

You will not be banned if you get a refund on an item that is still in your product inventory. All opinions and comments are free to share, but I wanted to shed some light on why this system is in place. »

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