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Players won, STALKER 2 will not contain NFT

The developers of the game STALKER 2 have reconsidered their decision on the NFT following the criticism of many players.

The madness of NFT is gaining more and more (virtual) ground within the video game industry. GSC Game World recently announced that it wants to integrate these non-fungible tokens into the next game. STALKER 2. The goal for developers is to offer an experience that goes beyond the usual gaming, without giving in to pay-to-win. In a statement, the studio’s CEO explained:

With global gaming trends in mind, we can do more than just deliver an immersive gaming experience. Our players can have a deeper presence in the game, and we will give them that opportunity by presenting the first AAA game with a unique meta experience.. “

However, if the technology and its uses are not yet accepted on the side of certain influential companies in the world of video games, NFTs convince even less players. The latter protested at the announcement of GSC Game World, especially on social networks, where fans were able to express their dissatisfaction in a direct and clear manner. Here are some examples posted on Twitter:

STALKER 2 which gets down to the NFT thing is quite disappointing. “

I can’t believe the guys who made STALKER, a game that didn’t have a single female character, would end up getting into NFTs.

A quick reverse

The studio’s reaction was not long in coming. In the aftermath of the announcement, GSC Game World updated their post, stating that NFTs were no longer on the schedule for STALKER 2. For the moment, the developers consider it more useful to deliver a game that will appeal to the majority of players rather than taking risks with this technology which is still little known … or simply unloved.

Indeed, NFTs, and the blockchain on which they are registered, are decried by many as being an ecological disaster among other critics. Some also question the ethics of this fashion, which is more speculative than video game. While none of this is yet regulated, for example regarding the use of in-game cryptocurrencies by minors, gamers are concerned that video games will take a turn that is akin to betting, or even to a scam.

STALKER 2 is still expected for April 28 on consoles and PC.

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