Sonic 1

Playing Sonic in his Tesla is now possible

The Little Blue Hedgehog has just signed a partnership with Tesla, to include the very first Sonic game in Elon Musk’s electric cars.

Undisputed star of SEGA consoles, Sonic the hedgehog offers himself a ride in Tesla. It was in an official statement that Elon Musk himself confirmed on Twitter the partnership between his self-driving car company and the video game publisher. In a few weeks, no doubt, the happy owners of Tesla will be able to take advantage of Sonic the Hedgehog 1 – first game featuring the blue hedgehog in 1991 on MegaDrive.

Tesla Arcade is growing

Tesla enthusiasts know that the American brand intends to offer its customers a complete experience, beyond simple driving. In addition to establishing itself as the pioneer of the consumer autonomous car, the brand founded by Elon Musk also offers a slew of features to enhance its dashboard. Starting with Tesla Arcade, its infotainment system integrated into the passenger compartment of its vehicles. Officially accessible only when the car is stationary, a good number of titles offered by the service are actually available on the move, on condition that it is certified that only passengers are playing.

Among the games offered in the Tesla Arcade catalog we find the Solitaire, Sky Force Reloaded or The Battle Of Polytopia. From now on, it will also be necessary to count on the very first Sonic, which celebrates its thirty years this year. It was in a tweet combining a photo of the President of the United States Bernie Sanders and the terrible Professor Robotnik, that the businessman officially confirmed the arrival of the game on Tesla Arcade. If it is not considered the best of the video game saga, Sonic 1 promises to please most Tesla owners. For others, we remind that the game is available on almost all other platforms, whether Steam, Nintendo Switch and even on smartphones, with a free version of the game optimized for mobile. No need to invest in a Model 3 therefore to parade in the skin of the hedgehog with the golden rings.

After Sonic, Tesla plans to integrate other cult games into its Arcade catalog, and in particular some high-end titles, such as The witcher Where Cyberpunk 2077. Before getting there, SEGA specifies in an official press release that Elon Musk’s cars will take into account a wired USB controller to run the blue hedgehog.

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