PlayStation 5: production will accelerate, promises Sony

Buying a PlayStation 5 is still not easy in 2022, but Sony assures that production will ramp up, which should please players who are still looking to get their hands on a copy.

PlayStation 5 Lying Horizontal and PS5 DualSense Controller

PS5 stock should improve

“We expect further significant increases in console production, which will take us to production levels never before achieved”, said Jim Ryan, the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, during a meeting with the company’s investors about the PlayStation 5. He pointed out that the confinements in China because of the Covid-19 continue to create uncertainty in the supply chain. But he thinks that “Things are definitely looking up” which is again good news for players.

Sony expects to sell 18 million PS5s in its current fiscal year (which ends in March 2023). In comparison, the group sold 11.5 million copies of its new console during the fiscal year which ended in March 2022. The 57% increase shows that Sony is positive about the future.

The PS5, which went on sale in November 2020, undersold the PS4 in its second year, due to component shortages. But it’s expected to close the gap in year three and top the PS4 install base the following year.

Games are also important

Jim Ryan also talked about games, noting that Sony is no longer focused on single-player games only available on its platform. The leader announces that new titles will arrive on PC and mobiles. At the same time, PS4 and PS5 games are expected to account for more than two-thirds of releases this year, where PC and mobile games will account for almost half of new titles in 2025. “Initiatives to expand our audience will have a fundamental effect on the shape of our game portfolio,” said the leader.

A last point mentioned was the metaverse. “There will be many, many individual gamers who prefer to enjoy games the way they have played them for the past 30 years or more,” believes Jim Ryan. The manager therefore does not seem really interested in looking into the metaverse.

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