PlayStation: 9 minutes of gameplay for GhostWire: Tokyo and a new (and beautiful) trailer for Horizon Forbidden West

playstation sounds the trumpets to announce the imminent arrival of two big exclusives for its platforms PS4 and PS5. Let’s quickly move on to the new trailer ofHorizon Forbidden Westwhich continues to reveal its technical prowess and the various customization elements of the fierce aloy. We can also admire some phases of combat on the back of semi-robotic critters or even environments very different from the lush jungle. Horizon Forbidden West will be available on PS4 and PS5 on February 18.

The real novelty was on the side of Ghostwire: Tokyothe studio’s horrific FPS Tango Gameworks whose action is located in the city of Tokyo. This time the game was treated to a long showcase of about twenty minutes, including 9 minutes of gameplay. The player leads Akito, a young man with supernatural powers in search of his family. Instead of conventional weapons, Akito fights his foes using aether, an energy that can transform into water, fire, wind, and earth powers. Each different power is attached to a particular gesture worthy of Harry Potter. Note that the powers of Earth are only intended to defend against attacks.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Don’t Forget To Add Verticality To Its gameplay : Akito will also be able to climb to the top of certain buildings in order to fight the creatures that come out en masse from the torri, the portals to the underworld. The game also recycles a good number of Japanese legends, or rather the creatures of these legends (Kappa, Tanuki, etc.). Ghostwire: Tokyo will be released on March 25 on PS5 and PC (via Steam), and a year later on Xbox Series and Game Pass. It is recalled that Tango Gameworks now belongs to Microsoft since the acquisition of Bethesda.

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