PlayStation bets on mobile games with this important acquisition

Sony takes a giant leap forward in the mobile games industry with this studio acquisition which strengthens its portfolio.

A few months ago, Sony clearly announced its desire to impose itself on the market of mobile and PC games, two very prolific sectors, in constant rise, which the firm has neglected for several years, even though its rival Microsoft is already On all fronts. But since then, little has changed, despite the company’s tight goals… at least until today.

Sony reveals that it has acquired a video game studio, specializing in the production of mobile titles. Baptized Savage Game Studios, a company recently created but which contains talents who have already experienced the sector for several years. Michail Katkoff, its CEO and co-founder, comments on this timely acquisition for both parties:

Our guiding vision was to set up a creative space, making experimentation and risk-taking not pitfalls to be avoided, but a philosophy to be adopted. We’ve all worked with big studios, and while we respect the benefits of big resources, we wanted to keep operating on a small scale, to maintain our agility and freedom of choice.

If we have entered into this agreement, it is because we believe that the management of PlayStation Studios, in addition to respecting our mode of operation and our vision of success, shares our taste for innovation. Adding to that the ability to tap into the incredible catalog of PlayStation franchises, as well as benefit from the breadth of support that only PlayStation Studios can offer..”

A secret but well-rehearsed strategy

Obviously, Sony specifies that this is only a first step, which will be followed by many others over the next few months, and the next few years. The firm also states that the studio is currently in the process of working on a AAA mobile action game of which nothing is known yet. Information on the latter will surely be shared as the development process progresses.

PlayStation’s parent company still wants to explain that “our efforts to create mobile games will seamlessly complement our existing business, providing new ways for people to interact with our content and reach new audiences who are new to PlayStation and our games.”

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