PlayStation Home metaverse soon to be restored by a group of fans

It has been almost 7 years since one of the first metaverses was discontinued. A group of fans are planning to back down by restoring the servers at PlayStation Home.

In recent years, the retrogaming movement has been gaining momentum among committed video game fans. If we can define this movement in several ways, we note a few ways in which it is expressed, and this can go through the restoration of old consoles, to the emulation of old games, through backward compatibility. In this sense, many retrogaming associations have emerged and some of their fights are a feat.

Recently, a group named PlayStation Online Network Emulated (or PSONE) successfully restored the game’s servers. Motorstorm and therefore reactivated his online mode. If you don’t know Motorstorm, it is a car racing game released in 2007 on PlayStation 3, two generations of consoles before today. Although it had its heyday, the game’s online servers have been inactive for about ten years now.

It was without counting on PSONE who did everything to resuscitate this license in the purest way possible. Indeed, this is not an emulation or a backward compatibility, but simply the restoration of the original game, which can now play all players who own it, and still have a PS3. If this is your case, you just need to follow the steps mentioned in the video above.

The PlayStation Home metaverse in the sights

If Motorstorm isn’t the first project the group is tackling, it surely won’t be the last. Indeed, PSONE has announced very clearly that the next target would be the servers of PlayStation Home, this precursor metaverse on its time which has not had time to prove itself. Launched in 2008, the virtual and community platform lasted only a few years, until 2015.

Those who remember it can attest that it was one of the first metaverses as we hear the term today. PlayStation Network players could roam freely in a completely virtual village, and interact with other players while having fun through various activities. Players could also consume or share certain content with others.

Although the project was abandoned, it would have much more relevance today than it already had then. This is why PSONE intends to restore the PlayStation Home servers, in collaboration with another group, called Destination Home. They have also already posted a teaser on this restoration project.

The groups say: ” Today has been a monumental day for the Destination Home x PSONE Emulation Team as we’ve finally reached a point in our development to have full lobby sessions running on the original PS3! This means that users can join public / private lobbies just like the good old days of PlayStation Home!

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