PlayStation Plus December 2021: PS4, PS5 and PS VR games offered

Sony today unveils the list of PS4, PS5 and PS VR games that will be available in December 2021 with the PlayStation Plus. This subscription allows you to play online, have discounts on the PlayStation Store or the possibility of storing your saves in the cloud.

PS5 DualSense Controller

PS4, PS5 and PS VR games offered with PlayStation Plus in December

The first game offered in December 2021 with the PlayStation Plus is Godfall: Challenger Edition (PS4 and PS5). It’s an action RPG that takes place in third person view. In addition, it is a looter-slasher which emphasizes the dimension of melee attack.

The second game is Lego DC Super-Villains (PS4). An action and adventure title that will send you into the world of superheroes, in Lego. This time around, you won’t embody justice but the villains of favorite pop culture universes.

As the third title, we find Mortal Shell (PS4). An action RPG in which you have to face a large number of terrifying creatures over the course of your experience. The game features very intense boss battles that focus primarily on precision and player reflexes.

As for the fourth title, it is The Persistence (PS VR). A survival horror in which the seed vessel is placed in the accretion disk of a black hole following an unfortunate space-time leap.

The fifth game offered with PlayStation Plus in December is The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Standard Edition (PS VR). It is inspired by the series.

Finally, the sixth game is Until You Fall (PS VR). The title combines melee combat and magic in clashes against corrupt humanoids, monstrous creatures and unknown horrors.

All games offered with PlayStation Plus will be available for download from December 7 through January 3. There are still a few hours left to collect the November games. The list can be found on this article.

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